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Fat freezing suitability


Fat Freezing Suitability

Is fat freezing suitable for you?

Fat freezing is a safe, non-invasive alternative to treatments such as liposuction.


Even though there is very little risk associated with fat freezing, the treatment may not be suitable for everyone. Unfortunately some medical conditions or temporary circumstances will exclude you from being able to have fat freezing treatment.


Fat freezing consultation


Before we get started with the treatment we will speak about what you want to achieve and assess your medical history to ensure that fat freezing treatment is safe and suitable for you. 

You do not need a consultation prior to booking your fat freezing appointment. However, if you are not sure about whether fat freezing is suitable for you due to certain health conditions then please do book in a consultation first or send a message through the contact page.

Health suitability fat freezing

Fat Freezing Suitability Factors

You are not suited to undergo fat freezing/cryolipolysis treatment if you suffer from certain health conditions or localised issues.


These include:

General health conditions

  • Cryoglobulinemia

  • Paroxysmal cold haemoglobinuria

  • Liver or kidney disease

  • Heart or lung disease

  • Cold urticaria

  • Raynaud’s disease

  • Chilblains

  • Pernio

  • Hypoproteinaemia

  • Nerve pain or chronic pain

  • Bleeding disorders or simultaneous use of blood thinners

  • Immune system disease 

  • Severe diabetes (uncontrolled)

  • Pregnant, breastfeeding, or within 6 months of giving birth

  • Impaired skin sensation

  • Physiological hypotonic 

  • Hyper or hypotension 

  • Cardiovascular or cerebral diseases 

  • Surgery in the past 12 months (including plastic surgery)

If you suffer from any of the above conditions you likely will not be able to receive fat freezing treatment.


If you believe that despite suffering from a health condition above fat freezing is suitable for you, then you must provide sign off from your GP or another health professional.

Mental health and wellbeing


There are no specific mental health conditions that will exclude you from treatment. However, treatment may be refused if there are concerns for your wellbeing as listed here.


For your safety and wellbeing its important to be extremely careful around any health conditions, even those not mentioned on this page. In any doubt we will always request you speak with your GP before booking in. 

Localised issues


If you suffer from any of the following conditions in the treatment area, fat freezing may also be unsuitable:

  • Impaired peripheral circulation 

  • Impaired skin sensation 

  • Open or infected wounds 

  • Post invasive surgery  

  • Metal plates or joint implants 

  • Artificial implants, bones etc.

  • Cosmetic implants

  • Umbilical hernias, hernias or weak stomach muscle walls 

  • Chronic or currently active skin conditions 

Further information on fat freezing suitability


If you are unsure about whether or not fat freezing is suitable you can contact me through the contact form in the footer. Alternatively you can book a free phone consultation or an extended in-person consultation at my clinic.

Get started and book your treatment


If you do not suffer from any of the above health conditions then fat freezing is safe for you and can help you to reduce stubborn localised fat in a safe and effective manner. 

Once you have decided which area(s) you would like to treat, use the online booking system and get started with your fat loss journey.

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