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fat freezing reviews UK

Fat Freezing Reviews

Fat freezing reviews from our Manchester clinic

There is no straight forward answer to the question "does fat freezing hurt", as each person is different, and different areas of the body respond differently. The level of discomfort also depends on the equipment used.

What to expect from your fat freezing treatment

Does the freezing hurt? 


After 3 minutes the applicator temperature drops to freezing temperatures and that can also feel  uncomfortable, and for some this may even hurt. For other people this part of the fat freezing process doesn't hurt at all. For most people the freezing part of the treatment is less uncomfortable in comparison to the tugging, so once the tugging is done, the freezing will often be easy. 

Same as with the tugging feeling, any hurt or discomfort from the temperature drop and freezing doesn't last. 

Does fat freezing hurt afterwards?


Most people only experience minor discomfort following fat freezing treatment. The skin might feel a bit sensitive, a bit tingly or a bit numb in the hours or days following treatment. The area may also feel a bit hard or even lumpy, but this is rare, and when it does it doesn't tend to last long. 

It is not common or normal for fat freezing to cause hurt after treatment.

In the very rare case that the area does hurt after the treatment you will notice an improvement within 1 to 2 weeks. You can continue all your normal activities immediately following your treatment, including going to the gym, eating and drinking.

Does fat freezing hurt?

Book your next fat freezing treatment

Booking in for your next treatment is easy. Use the button below and book your appointment online or contact us by phone or email. 

Consultations are optional. You do not need a separate appointment for your consultation as this can take place on the same day. However, if you have questions and you would like to speak to us before booking in you can either book a phone or in-person consultation.

Consultations are recommended if you have any medical conditions as in some cases treatment may not be appropriate. For a full list of contra-indications (medical exclusions) please visit our suitability page.

Fat freezing pricing

Fat freezing pricing is calculated by the amount of applicators used. Pricing starts at £90 for the chin treatment and £110 for body treatments. Full pricing details can be found here.

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