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Results from fat freezing

Fat Freezing Results

What results you can expect from fat freezing

Fat Freezing Results

Fat freezing results vary

Fat freezing results will differ from person to person, as many factors can impact your final outcome.


Fat freezing is not an alternative to a healthy lifestyle

Fat freezing can not be used as an alternative to exercise and healthy living. Fat freezing should always be considered as an addition to exercise and a healthy diet.

Aftercare matters

For best fat freezing results its important to follow the aftercare and to either maintain or lose weight.


Maintain or lose weight for best fat freezing results

Fat freezing doesn't prevent future weight gain, so those gaining weight in the period directly following their treatment are likely to see less or no results.

Fat freezing results on fat cells

Fat freezing result stages

What happens to the fat cells


1. Fatty tissue is made up of a large amount of fat cells, each filled with fat (triglycerides). We can't lose fat cells naturally through exercise or diet, we can only lose fat from within the cells, causing the cells to decrease in size. 


2. Fat freezing causes fat cells to crystalise during the treatment.

3. This crystallisation of the cells cause the cells to undergo a process called apoptosis.  Apoptosis is programmed cell death, a safe and natural process.

4. The fat cells have died and the lymphatic system has effectively eliminated the broken down elements of the fat cells from the body. 

Fat Freezing Results Timeline

The majority of fat freezing results are noticed within the first 6 weeks following treatment. 

 It is not possible to accurately predict exactly when a client will see their first fat freezing results to when they see their final results. 

At Fat Freezing Manchester we know that many of our fat freezing clients start noticing their first results quite quickly when they follow the provided aftercare. 

We have clients that notice results almost immediately, or within the first weeks. However, this is not the case for everyone. Some won't see results for 4 to 6 weeks following treatment, and those that gained weight may not see any results at all as fat freezing doesn't prevent further weight gain.

The treated area


On areas with less fat such as the arms, calves, chin and bra fat area clients often see substantial results more quickly, as small differences make bigger impacts on those areas. 

Fat freezing results thighs

What previous clients said

Fat freezing results directly following treatment

Directly following fat freezing treatment you likely will experience bruising and redness. The area likely feels tender and in some cases it can even feel hard and lumpy for a few hours to a few days. The skin can feel a little raw, or like a minor sunburn. For most clients these marks very quickly subside and things go back to normal very quickly.

The pictures below show you:


During treatment - the results immediately after treatment - the results 30 minutes after the treatment.

Fat freezing during treatment
results directly after fat freezing
fat freezing 30 minutes after treatment

Fat freezing and ultrasound cavitation with radiofrequency results

Results of ultrasound cavitation and fat freezing
Skin tightening results
Ultrasound cavitation and radiofrequency results - Fat Freezing Manchester
Before and after fat freezing chest
Moobs fat freezing
Fat freezing chest reduction

Fat freezing results from the Quattro Pro from Sculpt Pro

Fat freezing results
Fat freezing results on man
Sculpt pro fat freezing results
Arm fat freezing results
Fat freezing results on back
Fat freezing results on woman's stomach

Fat freezing results can be noticed in different ways

What previous clients have said

"I can notice my clothes and bra's fitting me better already"

"After about 2 weeks I noticed my arms weren't moving anymore when exercising at the gym"

"I can clearly see my flanks are much less prominent now"

"I feel more confident taking off my shirt now when I get weighed by my PT"


  • Fit better in your clothes,

  • Feel more confident showing your body,

  • Reduce 'wobbling' and chafing,

  • Reduce areas of fat that bother you.

That is what fat freezing can do for you.

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