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Fat freezing aftercare help


Fat Freezing Aftercare

What to do after fat freezing

Fat freezing aftercare instructions

Like with any beauty treatment, aftercare at home can improve your results and reduce any negative side effects. The aftercare for fat freezing is very simple, and it won't take any further equipment or products.


The below aftercare instructions will also be given to you at the end of your treatment.


What happens after treatment

Typically, there is minimal discomfort and recovery time after your fat freezing appointment. You can continue your daily routine immediately after the procedure.

We recommend that you follow our easy to follow fat freezing aftercare advice for the best outcome of your treatment.

Recommended aftercare, what to do after fat freezing:

Drink water

We advise that you to drink plenty of water following your treatment. For your general health and wellbeing drinking 2 litres of water a day is recommended.

Healthy lifestyle

Following a healthy, balanced diet and exercising will further enhance results. By following a healthy lifestyle you also prevent new weight gain which can minimise your results.

Lymphatic drainage 

Massage the area twice a day for two weeks to help stimulate the process of lymphatic drainage. At the end of your treatment we will show you exactly how to do this.

Maintain or lose weight

It is very important that you understand that gaining weight following your treatment will adversely affect your results. Fat freezing doesn't stop your body from storing new fat, even in the targeted area.

Side effects after fat freezing​


You may experience some side effects such as bruising or sensitivity after your fat freezing treatment. Read more about possible side effects here.

If you experience any side effects after treatment that concern you, please contact us at your earliest convenience. If you reach out by email please provide photographs if this helps explain what you are concerned about.

fat freezing aftercare

Results after fat freezing treatment

Fat freezing doesn't show immediate results as it relies on your body's natural processes to eliminate the targeted fat cells. Most people start seeing results after a few weeks, but it may take up to 3 months for full results to be visible.


Results vary from person to person, and may factors influence results, such as your genes, diet, exercise and age. 

For larger and more stubborn areas of fat you may require repeat treatment. We can book you in for follow up treatment in the same after 6 weeks following your original appointment. Other areas can be treated at any time.

We will discuss all details on what you can expect after fat freezing and  fat freezing aftercare during your appointment. 

Massage aftercare

In 2013 A 4-month study was carried out to find out whether manual massage of the treatment area would enhance results.

The study concluded that post-treatment massage on the treated area is a safe and effective technique to enhance fat reduction following fat freezing treatment.  Manual massage resulted in a consistent increase in efficacy of the treatment. The study found that 2 months following treatment there was a 68% improvement in mean fat layer reduction where the area was massaged. 

Questions about fat freezing aftercare 

If you have any questions about fat freezing aftercare or side effects please do reach out to the clinic. 


We recommend you follow the aftercare instructions of all treatments for the best possible outcome of your treatment. 


Maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle is the most important action you can take. No body treatments, including fat freezing, can ever replace a healthy lifestyle.


With fat freezing you must wait 6 weeks in between treatment of the same area. You can have further treatment in different areas at any time.

What to do after fat freezing - advice

Book your follow up appointment 


Book in your follow up appointment easily online now. We often have same day appointments, weekday and weekend appointments available. 

If you want the same area treating you must wait at least 6 weeks. Treating any other area can be treated at any time.

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