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Fat freezing pricing

Treatment price menu

This is a local business, where clients come first. We are not part of a chain, demonstrated by our fees and tailored customer care.

Please note that you will be asked to pay a deposit at the time of booking.

Fat freezing prices

For targeted fat loss

Single applications:


1 applicator (body): £110

1 chin applicator: £90

Package deals:
(multiple applicators in 1 session):


2 applicators: £175

3 applicators: £240

4 applicators: 295

6 applicators: £425

8 applicators: £510

Fat freezing prices

Please note, the above states 'multiple applicators in 1 session', which means that you can not purchase multiple applicators and spread those over multiple appointments. You pay per appointment.

What is an applicator?

Other treatments

The treatments below can all be booked as individual treatments and as treatment courses. If you want to book a treatment course at a discounted price you simply book in your first appointment and convert your booking to a course at the clinic. You will then pay for the full course at the clinic.

Ultrasound cavitation, with Radiofrequency prices

For targeted fat loss, tightening skin and reducing cellulite

Ultrasound and radiofrequency



Standard (1hr): £80

Extended session(90 min): £110

HI-EMT add on: + £60

Within each skin/cellulite treatment you can treat 1 area. Choose from: 



Lower back

Front of legs

Back of legs


Upper arms

Ultrasound cavitation pricing

Please note, for best results you want to commit to a course of 6 appointments, and space your appointments between 1 and 2 weeks apart. 

Ultrasound cavitation and RF | 6-pack: £600
Ultrasound Cavitation, RF and HI-EMT | 6-pack: £720


HI-EMT Muscle Stimulation prices

For the sculpting of muscles, fat loss and adding definition

Single sessions

30-minute session
with  1 paddle: £65

30-minute session with 2 paddles: £80

Two 30-minute sessions in one appointment with up to two paddles per session: £110


6x 30 minute appointments with 1 paddle: £360


6 x 30 minute appointments with 2 paddles: £440

6x 60 minute appointments with 3 to 4 paddles (paddles used in 2 consecutive rounds): £600​

For best results you commit to a course of 6 treatments on the same area/areas, with appointments twice a week for 3 weeks.

Radiofrequency facials

Radiofrequency facials are priced as follows:

1 RF face treatment: £75

A course of 3 RF face treatments: £210

A course of 6 RF face treatments: £390

Prices of training courses

Our training course fees are as follows:

Fat freezing in-person training: £699,-

Ultrasound and radiofrequency in-person training: £599,-

HI-EMT in-person training: £599,-

Fat freezing, ultrasound cavitation and radiofrequency in-person training combination: £1,199,-

Fat freezing online course: £89,-

Ultrasound and radiofrequency online course: £69,-

HI-EMT online course: £69,-



You do not need a separate consultation prior to your appointment. 


Prior to any treatment I will go through all the details of the treatment, your suitability, potential side effects and expected results.


If you do wish to discuss your options prior to booking your treatment you can book either a free phone consultation or an in-person extended consultation at my clinic in Cheadle village. You will find consultation booking options at the bottom of the booking page.

Refer a friend and get £25 off your next appointment

All existing clients can benefit from this special referral credit. Simply refer a friend or family and ask them to mention you during their appointment! Read all T&Cs here.

Book your next appointment 


Book in your next appointment easily online. We often have same day appointments, weekday and weekend appointments available. 

We are the specialists in providing safe and effective body contouring and fat reduction treatments. We use top of the line equipment, follow strict safety protocols and are fully up to date with the latest research, findings and technology. 

Our body sculpting and fat freezing prices are among the most competitive in the market. 

UK Qualified and Insured

First-Class Technology

Full Transparency on Price

Highly rated 

You pay a deposit at the time of booking, with the full amount due on the day of your appointment. Deposits, minus a £15 registration fee, are refundable when a cancellation has been requested more that 24 hours prior to treatment. 

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