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Training model sign up

Sign up to be a training model for Ultrasound cavitation, body RF, fat freezing and HI-EMT treatment

At Fat Freezing Manchester we offer training for beauty professionals. This training includes an in-person training day for which we require models.

A model appointment is very different to a normal appointment.


Appointments take approximately 2 and a half hours. Trainees will practice placements and skill on multiple areas of the body with close oversight from the trained professional in a 1-2-1 capacity. Model appointments are available only during the specific times that training sessions are booked in for. 

In return, models get a fully free treatment of either: 1 or 2 fat freezing applicators, 1 or 2 HI-EMT paddles, or 1 area of ultrasound cavitation with radiofrequency, depending on the course. 

Model appointments often become available last minute for specific times and dates, which is why we have a register that you can join. When model appointments become available we will contact the people on this list that are interested. 

HI-EMT muscle stimulation training courses

Model sign up

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