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What is a Fat Freezing 'Applicator'?

All fat freezing prices are always displayed per applicator, but what is a fat freezing applicator?

At Fat Freezing Manchester we only use premium Sculpt Pro equipment, with the most advanced cryolipolysis technology on the market. The machine that is used for fat freezing has 4 handles (see image below) with its expert 360 cooling plates. 360 fat freezing is sometimes also referred to as 3d or 4d lipo freeze.

Each of these individual handles is an 'applicator'. 

Premium 360 applicators

Applicators used at Fat Freezing Manchester

Specialist mini applicator

In addition to the 4 main fat freezing applicators as shown above we also have the specialist 360 mini applicator that we can use for precision treatment on specific small areas such as the (double) chin and mons pubis

360 mini fat freezing applicator

How many fat freezing applicators to book

Its never easy to estimate how many applicators you will need before your first appointment. Here are some helpful tips to help you decide. 

We ask you to book the number of fat freezing applicators that you think will be right for you. We can during your appointment adjust the number of applicators if you change your mind after your consultation.

Treatment of saggy upper arms:

Each arm can fit 1 applicator, so for the arm treatment you book 2 applicators.

Treatment of inner thighs:

You have 2 inner thighs, so you book 2 applicators. If you are taller and the area you want to reduce is quite large we could fit 2 applicators on each inner thigh.

Treatment of inner and outer thighs:

2 applicators on the inner thighs and 2 applicators on the outer thigh, that's 4 in total.

Treatment of the abdomen:

This one is tricky, as it depends on your size, how you carry your weight and what you want to achieve.


If you are really thin, but are struggling with a little bulge right in the middle, 1 applicator is enough for you. However, most people will likely want to go for more. Here are some of the options:

  • 2 applicators above one another if you carry your fat in the middle but high.

  • 2 applicators side by side, meeting right around the belly button to target the fat "roll" above the jeans line.

  • 4 applicators, 2 in the middle above one another as in option 1, but then with the other 2 applicators added on the sides towards the "love handles" (popular with both men and women)


Every body is different and treatment can be adjusted to your shape and goals.

Treating different areas at the same time​


We can treat different areas of the body in the same session, for example the arms and the stomach.

How long the appointment will take will depend on how many fat freezing applicators we apply and how many of those applicators we can apply together at the same time. 

Book your next appointment 


Book in your next appointment easily online now. We often have same day appointments, weekday and weekend appointments available. 

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