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Double chin treatment

Double Chin Treatment

Chin Fat Reduction and Double Chin Removal

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Our specialist double chin treatment permanently reduces the fatty deposits under the chin after just a single session using cryolipolysis (fat freezing) technology. This targeted fat reduction treatment reduces fat under the chin and sculpts the jawline. Chin fat reduction creates a more youthful and tighter appearance and reduces the look and feel of the double chin.

Permanent fat reduction

Each double chin reduction treatment results in permanent fat loss and a tighter chin. You do not require a course of treatments as individual treatments have an effect. Depending on the size of the area and your desired goal you may require a second or in some cases a third treatment. For best results treatments are approximately 6 weeks apart.  


Our chin treatment is priced highly competitively at just £90 per appointment.

Non-surgical double chin treatment 

The submental fat removal procedure helps to achieve a more defined jawline and eliminates excess fat beneath the chin​.

At your double chin treatment a specialist chin applicator is used that can fit easily onto the chin area where the excess fat is located. Within this applicator the chin fat is frozen and broken down which leads to a permanently sculpted look.

You don't have to have a double chin for this fat reduction treatment to be appropriate. In many cases our clients don't have a double chin, but still want a more defined chin and jawline. Where there is fat, the treatment can be effective for you.

What happens during a double chin reduction treatment


The fat reduction and sculpting treatment is very straight-forward. After your consultation has been completed we get you comfortable on a chair or the bed (your preference) and place the specialist chin applicator onto your double chin. Between the skin and the applicator we place an anti-freeze membrane that keeps the skin safe and protected while the applicator drops to minus zero degrees.

The placement of the chin fat applicator can feel uncomfortable and for some this part of the fat freezing process can hurt for a few seconds to approximately a minute.

What causes the chin fat reduction

Inside the applicator the double chin fat is cooled down and frozen, leading to the fat cells in the area to crystalise. Once fat cells crystalise a process referred to as apoptosis is triggered. Simply said this is the fat cells starting a self destruct sequence that is natural and safe for the body.


The sequence is started with the treatment and then carries on for weeks, during which the fat cells die and breakdown. As the cells break down the cellular debris is broken up and slowly removed from the area through the lymphatic system. This is why it takes time for full results to show.


Double chin reduction results

Most results will show within the first 6 weeks. However, results can still become more and more visible up to 3 months following treatment. 

Once the fat cells die, they do not come back. Your body does not replace these fat cells, so once the cells and the fat therein are gone, so is the fat that causes the double chin. This means that chin fat freezing treatment results are permanent.

What about the skin around my double chin

For many it will appear that the skin is part of the issue. In most cases the skin is simply fitted around the fat, and when the fat reduces the skin naturally tightens. For most clients we therefore suggest to first undergo fat freezing and await the results, as further skin treatment is likely not required.


Where the skin is older and lax, or a significant amount of fat needs to be reduced we can add skin tightening treatment on the chin to your treatment plan.


Skin tightening treatment would take place on a separate day as we do want to be mindful that the chin area is sensitive and we do not want to overstimulate the skin. 

The double chin fat freezing applicator

The chin is a small and delicate area that we must treat carefully. When we carry out body treatments we use large applicator heads as they can treat the largest possible stubborn fat areas on the arms, legs and core of the body. However, when we are treating the chin, we are treating only a small amount of fat. 

360 cooling plates

We use a specialist chin applicator with 360 cooling plates and a comfortable wide fit with soft ridges to help reduce bruising. With each treatment we aim to suction in all the loose fat in the area, as the more fat we treat, the more significant the results will be. 

Double chin applicator to deliver fat freezing
Fat freezing machine
fat freezing applicators

How fat freezing can reduce chin fat and eliminate a double chin

Fat freezing, also known as cryolipolysis, is a popular choice for those that want to reduce chin fat to tighten and sculpt the jawline. 

Fat freezing has been FDA approved and available since 2010 and is a low-risk and highly effective fat reduction treatment. Fat freezing was initially approved for the body, and in 2015 the treatment was also approved for double chin reduction. Chin treatments target submental fullness and help to create a younger looking neck shape.

How the fat cells are destroyed

Fat freezing works by cooling the treatment area down to a temperature where the fat cells are damaged and begin to die. As fat cells are more susceptible to cold than other cells we can cool the area down safely without causing any damage to other cells.


The fat cells in the chin area are brought to a temperature where a process called apoptosis is triggered. The fat cells are damaged by the low temperatures and begin to break down naturally, after which the macrophages and other immune cells in your present in your body begin to clear the cellular debris. This debris is then carried away and cleared from the body by natural processes through the lymphatic system. As fat freezing relies on these natural systems results take some time to fully show.

Fat cells and fat aren't immediately removed during the fat freezing treatment, and the skin is not pierced as would be the case during liposuction and other body sculpting surgery.

Double chin treatments at Fat Freezing Manchester

At Fat Freezing Manchester we pride ourselves on the quality of our treatments.


We only use the best quality equipment and offer fat freezing treatment with the specialist chin applicator. We follow strict health and safety guidelines and ensure each of our clients has a good experience at our clinic.


We work with you to help you achieve your double chin sculpting and fat removal goals, and we will always be honest about what is possible for you.

Chin treatments and jawline sculpting

Our chin treatment options include fat freezing and our specialist jawline sculpting treatment where we combine fat freezing with radiofrequency skin tightening.


We do not currently offer fat dissolving injections such as those relying on deoxycholic acid to reduce fat. We do not offer injectables due to the known side effects of established brands and the current lack of information regarding safety and efficacy of new brands such as Lemon Bottle.

Suitability for double chin reduction treatment

Although the double chin reduction treatment using cryolipolysis technology is one of the safest body sculpting treatments available, some risk of side effects does exist and treatment may not be best for everyone.

There are some contra-indications, health conditions that would cause treatment to be less safe for you, to be aware of. The full list of health conditions that may exclude you from treatment can be found here

Serious side effects are very rare, and at Fat Freezing Manchester we have not seen any. However, some temporary bruising, red marks, tingling and numbness in the area is very common. The applicator suction and the freezing both have an effect and the area will be sensitive for some time after treatment.

Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia

The most serious side effect possible is Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia, also know as PAH. Research has shown there to be a risk of PAH of 1 in 4,000 to 1 in 20,000. Currently there are no known cases from any of our treatments, or any treatments caried out with the Sculpt Pro Quattro Pro machine used at Fat Freezing Manchester. This machine has been widely used across numerous countries and continents and has proven to provide consistent safe and efficient treatment and fat loss results.

Those in good health and over the age of 18 can have fat freezing treatment including on the double chin, arms, stomach, back, thighs, mons pubis and calves.

Double chin fat reduction treatment Manchester

Double chin reduction costs

We charge £90 for our double chin reduction treatment at our Manchester clinic. Your chin appointment will take approximately 1 hour, this includes treatment, consultation and aftercare. 

If you want to book in for body and chin fat reduction at the same time you can select one of the multiple applicator options in the booking menu. You can find our full body sculpting pricing menu here.

Double chin fat freezing   £90.-

Chin fat freezing with radiofrequency   £135.-

Book your next appointment

You can book your double chin removal appointment directly without first attending a consultation. However, if you do have questions before booking in then simply request a free phone consultation or alternatively book in for an in-person consultation at the clinic. 

In the booking menu, the double chin fat freezing option can be found under fat freezing and the fat freezing with radiofrequency treatment can be found under jawline sculpting.

Double chin removal

Reduce double chin naturally

Chin reduction treatment or double chin removal surgery can help to reduce the size of the chin significantly. However, natural methods can also help to reduce the double chin.

Weight management

Maintaining a healthy weight is paramount to maintaining a tight chin. Although you can't diet or commit to a healthy lifestyle for the purpose of losing fat from a specific place on the body, living healthily and maintaining or working towards a healthy weight will help to reduce your overall body fat.

Even when you opt for double chin removal procedures, weight management is important. Double chin fat reduction treatments can help to remove and reduce current fat, but can't prevent new fat from being stored in the same area. So where there is weight gain, there are only short-lived fat reduction results.

Lymphatic drainage massage on the chin, neck, shoulders and face

Soft and regular lymphatic drainage massages on and around the double chin are recommended following most treatments. However, these massages can also provide benefits and results in their own right. 

Lymphatic drainage massage is a technique designed to encourage the natural drainage of lymphatic fluid from the tissues in the body. The lymphatic system plays a crucial role in maintaining fluid balance, removing waste and toxins, and supporting immune function. 

Benefits of massaging the double chin

Lymphatic drainage massage on and around the chin area can help:

  • To reduce localised fluid retention 

  • Improve circulation

  • Enhance lymphatic function

  • Tighten and tone the area

Lymphatic massage tighten and tones by improving the elasticity and firmness of the skin. This way lymphatic drainage massage can contribute to a more contoured appearance of the chin.

Face yoga

Face yoga, also known as facial exercises or facial yoga, is a natural method aimed at toning and firming the muscles in the face and neck area. These exercises target specific facial muscles to improve muscle tone, circulation, and overall appearance. While the effectiveness of face yoga for tightening the chin may vary from person to person, it may help to:

  • Reduce the appearance of the double chin

  • Strengthen the localised muscles

  • Improve circulation

  • Potentially stimulate collagen 

  • Release tension

Chin reduction treatments with natural methods, in summary

Non-surgical double chin removal can help to reduce the amount of fat cells in the chin area leading to a smaller chin long term. Treatment results can be improved further and show faster with the help of regular massaging of the area and face yoga as explained above. Weight maintenance helps to maintain results, and weight loss may help to reduce the double chin.

Surgical double chin removal may also be an option in cases where the chin size is more severe. 

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