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Double chin fat freezing treatment

Double Chin Fat Freezing

Chin Fat Reduction 

Fat freezing permanently reduces the fatty deposits under the chin that can give the appearance of a double chin, after just a single session. This targeted fat reduction treatment reduces fat under the chin and sculpts the jawline. Chin fat reduction creates a more youthful and tighter appearance and reduces the look and feel of the double chin.

Book in at our comfortable high street fat freezing clinic to get started with your chin sculpting journey. 

What to expect from a chin fat freezing appointment

Chin fat freezing treatment is carried out with a specialist chin applicator that is shaped and sized to fit on the small area when both men and women can carry a slight excess of fat.


You don't have to have a double chin for this treatment to be appropriate. In many cases our clients don't have a double chin, but still want a more defined chin and jawline. Where there is fat, the treatment can be effective for you.

Anti-freeze membranes used during this chin reduction treatment


To protect the skin on the chin area an anti-freeze membrane is placed on the area before the treatment begins. An anti-freeze membrane is a hypoallergenic gel sheet that acts like a barrier and keeps the skin moist so that the cooling plates don't touch the skin directly. The membranes are cool and feel wet when first applied and they can take off and fade foundation if you are wearing this on the day.

Fitting the chin fat freezing applicator


Once the membrane is fitted onto the skin the applicator can be placed on the chin. Once turned on the applicator head begins a suction from within, pulling in the anti-freeze membrane and the loose fat into the applicator and up against the cooling plates. This can be uncomfortable for some, and due to the area being so delicate this part of the process is likely to cause a bruise on the treatment area. Any discomfort felt as part of the vacuum suction in the fat freezing applicator is temporary, and will subdue within 30 seconds to 3 minutes.

Where there is a double chin, the treatment is generally slightly easier. Where there is more fat, as is the case with a double chin, the applicator will fit on easier and require a less strong vacuum.

Following the suction is the temperature drop. The cooling plates in the applicator will reduce down to minus temperatures for the treatment to begin. This again can feel uncomfortable, but any feeling of discomfort in the chin will subdue quickly. 

If you are just having the chin reduction treatment then you can choose between a seated and laying position, whichever is your preference. The full chin fat freezing treatment takes between 35 and 40 minutes, depending on the exact measurements of the area.

Fat freezing applicators for chin treatments

The small specialist 360° applicator is specifically designed for chin fat freezing, and can also be used for other specialist areas on the body. The larger applicators are used for the body, including the stomach, thighs, calves, arms and back.

If you want to book the (double) chin reduction treatment on the same day as body fat freezing then simply book in a double appointment on our easy to use online booking or contact us to book by email or phone. 

Chin fat freezing applicator
Fat freezing equipment used for chin and body treatments
Round fit fat freezing applicators for abdomen

How fat freezing can reduce chin fat and eliminate a double chin

Fat freezing, also known as cryolipolysis, is a popular choice for those that want to reduce chin fat to tighten and sculpt the jawline. 

Fat freezing has been available since 2010 and is a  low-risk and highly effective fat reduction treatment that can be carried out on numerous areas across the body, including the chin.

Fat freezing works by cooling the treatment area down to a temperature where the fat cells are damaged and begin to die. As fat cells are more susceptible to cold than other cells we can cool the area down safely without causing any damage to other cells.


The fat cells in the chin area are brought to a temperature where a process called apoptosis is triggered. The fat cells are damaged by the low temperatures and begin to break down naturally, after which the macrophages and other immune cells in your present in your body begin to clear the cellular debris. This debris is then carried away and cleared from the body through the lymphatic system. 

As fat freezing relies on these natural systems results take some time to show. In most cases results are most noticeable after approximately 6 weeks, but results can begin to appear slowly after a couple weeks have passed.

Chin treatments at Fat Freezing Manchester

At Fat Freezing Manchester we pride ourselves on the quality of our treatments.


We only use the best quality equipment and offer fat freezing treatment with the specialist chin applicator. We follow strict health and safety guidelines and ensure each of our clients has a good experience at our clinic.


We work with you to help you achieve your chin sculpting goals, and we will always be honest about what is possible for you.

Who can have chin fat freezing treatment

Fat freezing is a low-risk treatment and a great alternative to more invasive chin sculpting treatments such as liposuction. However, as with most body and face treatments, some health conditions may exclude you from having treatment. 

If you are looking to book in fat freezing for your chin area but you have some health conditions that concern you then please do have look through the fat freezing contra-indications here.

Those in good health and over the age of 18 can have fat freezing treatment including on the chin, arms, stomach, back, thighs and calves.

Chin fat reduction

Pricing of chin fat freezing

We charge £90 for chin fat freezing at our Manchester clinic. Your chin appointment will take approximately 1 hour, which includes treatment, consultation and aftercare. 

We find it important to be transparent and fair on price. All our prices and packages are clearly outlined on our website and our booking pages.

If you would like to have further fat freezing on other areas of the body then you can book in double appointment. All prices of body fat freezing and other body sculpting treatments can be found on our pricing page.

Getting started with chin fat reduction

Getting started is simple. You can book your chin fat freezing appointment online, by email or by phone call. We regularly have afternoon, evening and weekend appointments available.

Our body and chin sculpting clinic is easy to reach and plenty of parking is available just across the road. 

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