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Why we don't offer lemon bottle fat dissolving

Why we don't offer Lemon Bottle

Why we don't offer lemon bottle fat dissolver or other fat dissolving injections at this moment

There are a range of fat reduction treatments available in the UK, all with their own benefits and risks. At our clinic, as the name obviously suggests, we focus on providing fat freezing as our primary treatment option for the permanent reduction of fat. Fat freezing has been thoroughly researched and a large numbers of clinical trials on both animals and humans have been conducted, has been FDA approved, and all fat freezing equipment is required to pass stringent tests. 

Fat freezing has been proven to be both safe and effective, and the science behind fat freezing is clear, making fat freezing the preferred non-surgical fat reduction option for many medically trained aesthetics professionals. 

Lemon bottle

Lemon bottle fat dissolver has recently become available in the UK and has seen a high surge in popularity in a short amount of time. We have been asked whether we offer the Lemon bottle fat dissolver treatment on numerous occasions so we have assessed the treatment in detail. Due to the below reasons we will not be offering Lemon bottle for the foreseeable future. 


At this stage many medical and aesthetic professionals have spoken out about the lacking of clinical research. The full list of ingredients is also not available and the product and treatment protocols have not been peer reviewed. As Lemon bottle is labelled a cosmetic treatment and not a medical treatment it has not been required to undergo the type of testing you would expect and has not had to pass regulations. Many medical experts have expressed concern and many aesthetic medicine practitioners have opted to not offer this treatment at this time due to the concerns regarding efficacy and safety. 


For those in beauty that wish to offer Lemon Bottle the process is easy and relatively cheap, with some courses starting at just £50 and product easily and cheaply available for purchase through social media and many 3rd party websites. Yet, at this stage the cost of having lemon bottle treatment is closely aligned to the cost of other much more established fat reduction treatments, including fat freezing. We wouldn't be benefiting our clients financially by offering Lemon bottle as the cost per area would be similar.


Due to a lack of research there is no clear understanding of how Lemon Bottle reduces fat, and whether it works in the way it is claimed. On the extreme end of the scale there are members of the medical and aesthetics community that claim that these ingredients couldn't possibly work in the way it is claimed. On the other hand, injectors claim they have perfect results each and every time. There are many varying customer experiences published online which includes many disappointing results being recorded. Such disappointing results may not be due to an inefficient product and could easily be the result of poor training or execution of treatment. However, at this stage it simply isn't clear whether this treatment is effective and capable of causing long term fat loss.

Many recent publications have highlighted the above concerns further, such as in the Guardian here. There are also a number of Facebook groups in which lemon bottle is often discussed by people who have had treatment and who offer, or have offered treatment in the past. 

Update 27 March 2024

Yesterday on the 26th of March 2024 the Federal Council of Switzerland issued a press release stating that Swissmedic (the national authorisation and supervisory authority for drugs and medical products) now classifies Lemon Bottle as a medicinal product. 

As Lemon Bottle has not been approved for use in Switzerland it is not allowed to be used or sold.


 Swissmedic has stated they expressly advise against the use of this product as a result of their findings. Upon testing multiple samples they found significant differences between samples, and more importantly, none of the ingredients claimed to be in Lemon Bottle could be detected. Authorities may seize product and institute further measures.

Other countries have not yet specifically made the injectable illegal and in the UK it can still be freely bought and administered, with some insurers insuring businesses for providing service with this product. 

What we do not offer

As a clinic offering fat reduction treatment and body sculpting training courses we will be following the news and research around Lemon Bottle and other fat dissolver injections closely.

Until the time that more information is available regarding the safety, the long term and short term risks and efficacy we will not be offering such treatments.

Our premium fat reduction treatments

We currently offer 3 types of fat reduction and body sculpting treatments: fat freezing, ultrasound cavitation with radiofrequency and HI-EMT muscle stimulation.

Evidence proving these treatments safety and efficacy include:

Clinical Trials and Studies

Treatments such as fat freezing and ultrasound cavitation have been thoroughly studied in clinical trials and scientific research for many years. These studies assess the safety and efficacy of the procedures by monitoring adverse effects and patient outcomes. 

FDA Approval

In the United States, devices used for fat freezing, ultrasound cavitation and HI-EMT must receive approval or clearance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for safety and effectiveness. FDA clearance indicates that the device has undergone rigorous testing to ensure its safety and efficacy for its intended use.

Many Years of Use Worldwide

The treatments we offer have been available worldwide for years, and a lot of feedback and knowledge has been collected regarding their safety and outcomes.

Non-invasive methods 

Because all our treatments are non-invasive (they don't pierce the skin) many risks associated with any type of fat loss injections are simply not a concern. Without piercing the skin and injecting substance there are no risks of tissue necrosis, infection, nerve damage or allergic reaction.

fat freezing instead of lemon bottle

Fat freezing offers up to 40% permanent fat reduction in a single treatment. 

Prices are calculated per applicator. The treatment area of an applicator is approximately the amount of fat that can be grabbed with 1 hand. 

Most clients are happiest after 2 treatments on the same area, 6 weeks apart from each other.

alternatives to fat loss injections

Ultrasound cavitation with radiofrequency treatment is often booked as a course of 6 treatments for best results. This treatment reduces fat, tightens and improves skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite. 

This treatment can be booked per area, such as the entire stomach, the upper arms, the back and side of thighs, or the buttocks and lower back.

sculpt muscle and reduce fat safely

HI-EMT muscle sculpting treatments help to improve and sculpt muscle on the abs, obliques, buttocks, thighs and arms. 

HI-EMT doesn't just improve muscle tone, it also reduces localised fat by up to 19%. A course of 6 treatments is recommended.

In summary

Unless further information becomes available about the safety and efficacy of Lemon bottle we will not be offering this treatment at our clinic. 

We only offer proven and effective treatments with clear safety profiles, known risks and side effects and a clear understanding of who treatment is safe for.


We love our non-invasive fat reduction services. We only offer the highest quality treatment with top-of-the-line equipment for competitive prices. Our treatments are even priced competitively compared to many Lemon bottle and other fat dissolving injectable treatments.

We offer treatments to aid fat reduction on the body and chin

We offer an easy to use online booking system for both new and existing clients with full transparency of all services and prices. 

Our fat reduction reviews

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