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Fat freezing calves

Fat freezing calves

Fat freezing the calves for a permanently thinner look

Fat freezing, also known as cryolipolysis, is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure designed to reduce localized fat deposits in specific areas of the body, including the calves. The process involves applying controlled cooling to targeted areas, causing fat cells to undergo apoptosis (cell death) without damaging surrounding tissues.

Fat freezing for thinning the calves - The basics

Fat freezing can be carried out on the calves with specialist fat freezing applicators. One applicator is fitted onto each calve, specifically to the softer fatty section on the back of the calve where the treatment can target the most amount of fat in one treatment. In some rarer cases where the calves are shaped differently, the applicators can be fitted lower or to the side as well.

The fat freezing applicator is secured to the calve through suction. Inside the applicator head is a small but powerful vacuum. This vacuum, once activated, suctions in all the loose fat from the back of the calve into the applicator until either the applicator is full, or there is no more fat to suction in.

As you may expect, this may be an uncomfortable part of fat freezing treatment. The fat on the calves is tighter for some, and the tighter the fat, the more the applicator must pull to suction in as much fat as possible. However, this first part of the treatment, referred to as "the suction", does not take long. The suction takes only up to 20 seconds, and after the suction is completed it only takes a few minutes (maximum!) to get used to tight and pulling feeling of the applicator. Although the applicator remains fitted for a full 45-minute treatment, the discomfort of the suction is often completely gone within the first minutes. 

Freezing the calve

Once the fat freezing applicator is applied to the calve the cooling plates within the applicator begin to cool down to a temperature between -4 and -7 degrees Celsius. The exact freezing point that the treatment will drop to will be decided by the exact thickness of the fat on the calve, and this will be explained to you before the treatment starts. 

At the exact right temperature the best fat loss results are achieved, with the fewest risks of side effects. Fat freezing DOES NOT get more effective the colder the applicators get. Fat freezing has a maximum effectiveness of 20 to 40% fat reduction per treatment, and to achieve more extreme results you must undergo multiple treatments with minimum intervals of 6 weeks. 

When we freeze the calve or any other fatty area on the body we protect the skin with high-quality anti-freeze membranes. These membranes keep the target area protected throughout the treatment and ensure that your skin remains unharmed from being exposed to the low temperatures. 

Fat freezing is a safe treatment as the freezing at these specific temperatures does not harm the other cells in the target area. 

Calves fat freezing sculpting

Results from fat freezing the calves 

Fat freezing results are never immediate. It takes up to 6 weeks to see the majority of results and up to 3 months to see the full results from this treatment, as the dead fat cells and cellular debris are slowly removed from the system through your body's natural processes. 

During this time you can take certain actions that will speed up the results. However, some patience is required.

Immediately after fat freezing treatment

Directly following the treatment your calves will feel cold and numb. Feeling returns quickly and the skin might feel tingly or even sore for a few minutes as the feeling fully returns and the area is warmed back up to its normal body temperature. 

We clean the area and massage it softly using arnica gel, which helps improve results, warm the area up and allows the sense of sensation to return gradually. 

You will leave the clinic able to do anything you wish to do. You can drive, workout, have a hot shower or go for dinner, there are no limitations. 

The area will most likely be red. You will have exact red marks where the applicators were. Some clients will bruise from this treatment, but not all. The suction is a big pinch, and can cause bruising directly after the treatment. Bruising can also be delayed and appear after a day or two. Bruising can happen across the entire treatment area or can happen in a few small areas within that area only, just where the vacuum was slightly stronger.


Fat freezing results take time, and when exactly results show is unique to everyone. Some clients will start seeing a reduction in fat in just a matter of weeks, while others won't see results at all within the first month. Results are gradual and will continue to improve for 3 full months following treatment. The calves will get slimmer and the local fat will get thinner and softer as fat cells are destroyed and removed.  

With the calves multiple treatments may be required. On this specific area the fat is often very thick (compare this for example to your stomach or arm fat), and although a single treatment does get rid of a large amount of fat, due to the thickness the results aren't as prominent. Most of our calve clients opt for 2 rounds of fat freezing on their calves with a 6-week interval. 

Fat freezing results are permanent, so as long as you maintain weight you will enjoy the results of fat freezing the calves, and multiple treatments will lead to accumulative results. 

What you can do to improve fat loss results

The most important rule is that you must either maintain weight or lose weight to see the maximum results. 

If you are gaining weight, your body is storing new energy (fat), so even though fat freezing is reducing fat cells, you are adding more fat to the existing fat cells. 

To improve the speed at which you see results you should regularly massage the area. This is a very simple action that takes just a few minutes of your time, is comfortable and easy to do. At the clinic we will show you how to best massage your calves following fat freezing. This massage stimulates the break down and transport the fat cells.

Drinking water and proper hydration is important for everyone that tries to live healthily, lose fat or weight. Drinking plenty of water also helps to improve the speed at which you see results from your fat freezing treatment. It is recommended that you drink at least 2 litres of water each day. Water in tea and water in coffee should not count towards your water goals. 

If you are hoping to lose weight across the body then diet is more important than exercise. However, exercise does matter greatly. Staying active improves your health tremendously and this in turn helps your body to handle the breakdown and reduction of fat cells on your calves following your fat freezing treatment too. There are many different ways to exercise too, its not all about cardio or gyms. Go for regular walks or cycle rides, join a class or team, practice yoga or Pilates, do it at home or elsewhere, go alone or with friends, there are too many options available to not like any type of movement. 


Fat freezing, as well as other non-invasive and surgical fat reduction treatments reduce fat. In the case of fat freezing and liposuction, fat cells are removed permanently. However, no treatment can prevent you from storing new fat. No treatment, no matter how invasive, can help you get the body you want without committing to a healthy lifestyle.

Booking in for fat freezing calves

You can book your calves fat freezing treatment online, by phone or email. Our online booking system is easy to use and allows you to view all availability in an instant. 

To book fat freezing for the calves you will select "2 applicators" as we use 1 applicator on each side. A 2 applicator treatment costs £175. 

Each treatment reduces fat in the targeted area on the calves, so it is not necessary to have multiple appointments to get the results you are looking for. However, depending on the original size of the calves and your goals you may want to have follow up treatments 6 to 12 weeks following your original calve fat reduction appointment. 

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