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Is fat freezing permanent

Is fat freezing permanent?

Does fat freezing cause permanent fat loss

Yes, fat freezing can offer permanent fat reduction in targeted areas.

The results of fat freezing are generally considered to be permanent as the treated cells are permanently removed from the body. However, it's essential to understand that the procedure doesn't prevent new fat cells from forming when weight is gained. 

The fat cells that have been eliminated through fat freezing do not return, and the body does not replace them unless significant weight is gained. Where weight is maintained or lost, fat freezing does therefore permanently reduce the amount of fat cells in the body.

Do fat cells reduce naturally with weight loss?

permanent fat cell reduction from fat freezing

When you lose weight you lose fat from the fat cell, but the cells themselves remain. The fat cells simply reduce in size but remain in place ready to store new fat when required.


Weight gain typically involves an increase in the size of existing fat cells, this is called hypertrophy. Only with significant weight increases will the number of fat cells increase. This is called hyperplasia. Hyperplasia would therefore undo the permanent fat freezing results. 

In some cases fat cells can break down naturally. However, the number of fat cells in the body tends to remain relatively stable in adulthood. Only treatments such as fat freezing and surgical liposuction can reduce the number of fat cells in a specific area permanently. 

Fat cell reduction through fat freezing

How to maintain fat freezing results permanently

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and regular exercise is crucial to prevent the accumulation of new fat cells and to support the long-term effectiveness of fat freezing.

Fat freezing doesn't cause a significant reduction in weight on the scales as it reduces targeted fat deposits. Recording your weight regularly, including on the day of fat freezing treatment can help you to ensure that your weight remains balanced and that you will be able to enjoy your fat freezing results permanently. 

Fat freezing treatments and weight fluctuations 

Fat freezing and other body sculpting treatments do not make you increase weight. If weight gain is recorded this is down to a lack of a healthy lifestyle, and an increase in weight can counteract fat freezing and result in no or nearly no treatment results.

If you are exercising as well as having treatments you may be improving your muscle mass, and this can increase your weight on the scales. If you can, use a body composition machine instead of scales to keep track of your fat loss progress, as these will provide you with a much more accurate understanding of fat loss vs muscle gain. Such machines can be often found in gyms and gym changing rooms and relatively cheap models can also be purchased for home use.

Is fat freezing permanent, and are fat freezing results better for some than others?

As previously covered, fat freezing results are permanent where weight, and specifically fat mass, is not increased through poor lifestyle choices. This means that clients that either maintain or lose fat will see the best results, and will enjoy their results the longest. 

Healthy BMI

Those that are healthy and close to their target weight are often considered the ideal candidate for fat freezing. This is due to the fact that such persons are most likely to not put on more fat, and because fat freezing results will be most significant on their body due to them already being relatively toned. For those that remain at a healthy BMI fat freezing results will be permanent.

High BMI

However, this does not mean that fat freezing isn't right for larger people and people on bigger weight loss journeys. If a client has a high BMI and is significantly larger than is generally considered healthy fat freezing can still be right in certain circumstances.


There are many factors that influence a person's weight and weight gain in general, and weight can accumulate significantly over time. Going from continuous slow weight gain to weight maintenance (not putting on more fat slowly) in many circumstances take quite significant changes to diet, exercise and wellbeing, which is often underestimated. 

Losing weight before treatment

For a person with a high BMI to have good and permanent results from fat freezing they must be either maintaining or losing weight. We recommend that those considering fat freezing are at least 1 month into making diet and lifestyle changes and are recording their process carefully.


If weight is being lost, fat freezing will supercharge fat loss results, motivate further efforts and help tidy up the most difficult fatty areas. If weight is still being gained, no results are visible and the client will be left further demotivated. 

Number of fat freezing treatments required for permanent fat loss

Each fat freezing treatment will reduce the amount of targeted fat cells permanently. Cells are then slowly eliminated over the next 6 to 12 weeks and after 6 weeks further treatment can take place. 

Number of applicators

Per appointment you book in the number of fat freezing applicators that cover the amount of areas that you want treated.


For example 2 applicators cover the flanks as you will need one on each side. 4 applicators cover a larger stomach. Larger people will often require a larger number of applicators, unless very specific smaller areas are targeted, including the upper arms or chin. Online you can book up to 8 applicators in one appointment. We recommend booking the highest number of applicators as you can reduce the exact amount used at the day of your appointment. 

Read more about what a fat freezing applicator is and how much fat freezing costs per applicator.

Number of appointments

The amount of fat freezing appointments will fully depend on the starting point and the desired final outcome. For clients that are close to their target weight 1 to 2 treatments is almost always enough to get to the desired body shape.


For larger clients a larger number of treatments is recommended, spaced out over a longer time period.


Fat freezing treatments must be at least 6 weeks apart to allow for fat cells to be permanently eliminated from the body, and as treatments are often motivational to continue and improve fat loss we recommend treatments with regular intervals for those on larger and more difficult fat loss journeys.

Are fat freezing results permanent on everyone

Booking in for fat freezing treatment

In summary, the answer to the question 'is fat freezing permanent' is yes, as long as weight is maintained. 


Try fat freezing treatment for yourself by booking in for your first treatment. You can book up to 8 applicators per treatment. We offer top-of-the-line fat freezing treatment with premium cryolipolysis equipment at our specialist clinic in Cheadle village.   

You can book fat freezing online, by email or phone. For further questions you can book in a phone or in-person consultation prior to committing to treatment. Consultations are optional.

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