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Mental health and suitability for body treatments

Health and wellbeing of clients will always come first, which means that in some cases treatment can be denied based on reasons relating to either physical health or mental health. 

Each treatment has its own list of physical conditions which could make it unsafe to undergo treatment. These are listed per treatment, and before you undergo treatment you will go through a medical questionnaire to confirm that you do not suffer from any such conditions.

There are no specific mental health conditions that will exclude you from treatment. However, treatment may be refused if there is a concern that you:

  • Cannot provide informed consent. You must be able to understand:

    • The risks of the treatment,

    • What realistic outcomes are,

    • What is involved with the treatment.

  • Have severely unrealistic expectations on what the treatment can do for you.

  • May suffer from mental distress during the treatment.

  • May suffer from mental distress as a result of undergoing treatment.

If you are under long term care for a mental health condition you should speak to your care provider about whether body and beauty treatments are right for you.

If you are refused treatment at FFM based on concerns as listed above and you do not agree with this decision, you can put your disagreement in writing to the clinic by email to You may be asked for a GP or care provider note to support your statements.

Please do remember, any decision to refuse treatment will only ever be made for your benefit, as your physical and mental health and wellbeing will always come first.

mental health and suitability for body treatments
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