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Fat Freezing Manchester

Fat Freezing Manchester

Fat Freeze treatments for
Men and Women

Professional body sculpting for the reduction of stubborn fat.

fat freeze body sculpting on the stomach
Fat freezing treatment

Fat freezing, also known as cryolipolysis or lipo freeze, is quickly gaining in popularity as the non-invasive and affordable alternative to liposuction.  Fat freeze treatment is highly successful in reducing fat in target areas in the body safely and effectively.

Men and women can lose inches and tighten stubborn areas with this body sculpting treatment. The majority of results will be visible within 6 weeks following treatment, and full results will be visible after 3 months.

Most our clients see results following a single session. For best results multiple sessions may be required. 

At our clinic you are not required to book in a consultation prior to your treatment. Consultations are fully optional and available for anyone who would like to ask questions before booking in.

Areas that we treat

Areas that we can treat with fat freeze treatments include:

Fat freeze treatment areas

When a larger number of applicators are booked, the price per applicator is reduced. You can treat multiple areas of the body at the same time.

Booking online is easy and quick. You're only required to pay a £40 deposit, with the full amount due on the day of treatment.

About the equipment used at Fat Freezing Manchester

Sculpt Pro Quattro Pro 360° for the ultimate fat reduction treatment

To ensure the best results for each of our clients we use the Cryo Quattro cryolipolysis machine from Sculpt Pro with 360° cooling applicators and revolutionary Quattro cryolipolysis technology.

With the Cryo Quattro we can lipo freeze with up to 4 applicators at the same time. The specialist 360° applicators allow for a more comfortable treatment and better results and larger treatment areas.

Lipo freeze equipment used at Fat Freezing Manchester
Body sculpting equipment used at Manchester clinic

Zemits Abigon Pro 

For ultrasound cavitation, radiofrequency skin tightening and vacuum therapy treatments we use the Zemits Abigon Pro from the Zemits UK professional aesthetics product range.

Treatments with our first-class Zemits equipment are comfortable, safe and highly effective. This treatment reduces fat and cellulite while also tightening the skin in problem areas. For best results treatment plans are required.


To define muscle we offer HI-EMT (High-Intensity Electro-Magnetic Therapy) muscle stimulation treatment. For this muscle improvement treatment we use the NEO EMSzero equipment. 

This clinically proven technology offers a safe and non-invasive muscle stimulation treatment. With our equipment we offer additional radiofrequency for further fat reduction and skin tightening.

Learn more about our additional treatments

Body contouring treatment equipment at Manchester clinic
During body sculpting treatment Manchester clinic

What to expect from your fat freezing treatment

Fat reduction treatment videos from our clinic. These videos show you what to expect from the fat freeze procedure and what a lipo freeze applicator looks like at Fat Freezing Manchester.

At your appointment


  1. You're welcomed into the clinic treating room where we will discuss the treatment in detail. You will be given all the information about the treatment, you can ask all your questions and we will show you all your treatment options so you always get the best option for you.

  2. Consultation forms are completed and a medical history is checked to make sure your body sculpting treatment is safe and appropriate for you.

  3. You get comfortable on the treatment bed and the treatment is started. We take as much time as we need to make sure you are comfortable with the treatment. Treatments are fully adjusted to meet your goals and to meet your needs.

  4. Applicators are each on your body for 45 minutes. We make sure the room is comfortable so you can relax, and we always remain nearby and check on you and the applicators regularly.

After your appointment


For best results of fat reduction treatments you should always maintain a healthy lifestyle. Body contouring should not be considered as an alternative to dieting and exercise. 


Body sculpting treatments are non-surgical and non-invasive and no down-time is required following your appointment. Fat freeze and other body contouring treatments reduce stubborn fat deposits by triggering the reduction of fat and fat cells.  Fat and cellular debris are eliminated over time through the lymphatic system. 


Learn more about the science behind cryolipolysis


Cryolipolysis results will often begin to show within weeks following a single treatment. The majority of results show after 6 weeks and the full fat reduction results show after approximately 3 months. 

With our body sculpting treatments you can tighten up and improve your body shape. We can help you to flatten your stomach and flanks, reduce fat bulges, reduce sagging and even chafing. We can help you to tighten upper arms, shape the legs and sculpt the buttocks. 

Body contouring can tighten and sculpt the body in a targeted manner that can't be achieved with exercise and diet. 

Body sculpting before
Body sculpting after

Sophie is wonderful. Great consultation before treatment. Makes sure you are getting correct treatment for individual needs. Amazing results. Have had fat freeze treatment and tightening.

Lisa - Nov. 2022

Body fat treatment before
body fat treatment after

Hugely recommend! She is very informative, funny and knowledgeable on the whole process! Great service and will 100% use again

Jake, Jan 2023

Our lipo freeze price range:  from £110,- to £510,- 
Fat freeze applicators

All fat freeze prices are calculated per applicator. The more applicators you book in 1 session the lower the cost per applicator. ​ Not sure what an applicator is? Click here.

Pricing starts at £110 for 1 applicator, up to £510 for 8 applicators (just £63.75 per applicator).

At Fat Freezing Manchester our prices are:

  • Highly competitive

  • Affordable and fair

  • Fully transparent

Benefits and advantages of lipo freeze

Fat freezing - In treatment
  • You only need 1 fat freezing treatment to see real results.

  • There is no downtime following treatment, you can get up and go straight back to your normal activities including to work and the gym. 

  • Results often start showing after just a matter of weeks, with full results showing 6 to 12 weeks following treatment.

  • For most people the treatment is relatively comfortable and as there are no anaesthetics or needles required there are only very few possible negative side effects.

  • No risk of infection or allergic reactions.

  • Permanent results as the fat cells following treatment are permanently destroyed (results will be less visible if you gain weight as treatment can only target existing fat and not future fat).

  • Lipo freeze is the most established and most researched non-surgical fat reduction treatment and offers clinically proven results.

  • Customised treatment plans can be created for each man and woman to reach individual goals.

  • Treatments can be carried out on people of all age-groups over 18.

  • Fat freeze treatments can be combined with diet, exercise, lymphatic drainage treatments, cellulite treatments and skin tightening treatments.

Why book at Fat Freezing Manchester

We are specialists in providing safe and effective body contouring and fat reduction treatments. We use top of the line equipment, follow the most thorough safety protocols, and keep our knowledge and skill fully up to date. 


With our specialist focus on body sculpting, and our drive to achieve the best treatment outcomes, we provide the highest quality service each and every time.  

UK Qualified and Insured

First-Class Technology

Full Transparency on Price

Highly rated 

Option to add radiofrequency skin tightening treatment

Book through our easy-to-use online booking system. We ask for a deposit at the time of booking, with the full amount due the day of your treatment. 

Book now to secure your treatment timeslot. 

Considerations before having lipo freeze treatment

Fat freezing is not right for everyone, and treatment may not be right for you if you:


  • Suffer from certain health conditions, such as:

    • Conditions that make you more sensitive to cold, including Raynaud's, Cryoglobulinemia or Paroxysmal cold haemoglobinuria​

    • Liver, kidney, heart or lung conditions 

    • Cardiovascular disease or bleeding disorders

    • Uncontrolled diabetes, cancer or other serious conditions that affect your health and wellbeing 


(Full list of cryolipolysis contra-indications can be found here. If you are not sure if you are able to have treatment contact us before treatment. When there are health conditions that may exclude you, you need to speak to your GP first and get their approval prior to attending your appointment.)

  • Are gaining weight and are not looking to make any changes to your lifestyle. If you gain weight following treatment you won't see as much results, or any. For best and permanent results you should either maintain or lose weight.

  • Have recently had surgery, are pregnant or breastfeeding

Also keep in mind that: 

  • Fat freeze treatment can cause temporary marks from the applicators which could take days to sometimes weeks to fully resolve. Most commonly clients have bruising, but sometimes there can also be some swelling of the area. Its often good to plan your appointments at least a week in advance of events and holidays.

  • Other side effects from treatments include temporary numbness and stinging in the area, redness and other minor discomfort, often described as feeling like a mild sunburn. These feelings generally fully wear off within 24 hours and can be mitigated with skin oils and wearing loose comfortable clothing. In areas where you experience chafing you might temporarily feel more discomfort.

  • No fat reduction treatment is an alternative to diet and exercise, and no treatment can aid in overall weight loss. 

  • Fat removal is not immediate, as cryolipolysis is not a surgical procedure. The majority of fat loss results show in the first 6 weeks following treatment, the full results show within 3 months.

  • Side effects other than bruising and numbness in the treated area are very rare. However, there is a very rare side effect known related to cryo treatments reducing body fat; paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (PAH) which can affect 1 in 4,000 to 1 in 20,000 clients. No cases of PAH have been reported for treatment with the equipment used at our clinic.

Non-surgical cryolipolysis treatments

Target pockets of fat on different areas of the body with our non-surgical and non-invasive lipo freeze treatments. You can book in for treatment on a single area or you can target multiple areas within the same appointment. You can book up to 8 applicators in 1 appointment.

During your cryolipolysis appointment we freeze subcutaneous fat (fat that's found under your skin) for up to 45 minutes in the following treatment areas:

Freeze the fat on the underarms


Chin reduction and tightening with cryolipolysis


Freeze fat on the stomach cryo lipo


Male chest fat reduction

Male chest

outer thigh cryolipolysis

Outer thighs

Inner thigh cryolipolysis

Inner thighs

bra fat reduction lipo freeze

Fat around the bra

Back fat freeze lipo


fat reduction on thighs lipo freeze


Lipo freezing thighs

Back of thighs

Flank fat reduction


Knee sculpting fat reduction treatment


Combining cryolipolysis with other body sculpting treatments

Combine body sculpting treatments to treat multiple issues at the same time and get more significant results.

Certain body sculpting treatments can be combined in a tailored treatment plan to help achieve your target body sculpting results

radiofrequency treatments_edited.jpg

Radiofrequency skin tightening

Radiofrequency skin tightening treatment can be added to the appointment and can be carried out on the same body area on the same day as fat freezing. Radiofrequency, or RF, tightens skin, reduces fat further and stimulates the lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. It is comfortable and warming and only takes 20 minutes. 

Muscle stimulation beauty treatment body sculpting

HI-EMT muscle stimulation

HI-EMT treatment is a treatment specifically used for building visible muscle on the abs, buttocks, legs and arms. Although HI-EMT does reduce fat too, its not as effective for fat reduction as fat freezing is.


HI-EMT is only effective for those close to their target weight and within a healthy BMI range, and can be added to a body sculpting treatment plan to get the defined and sculpted look. You want to wait at least 3 days between lipo freeze and HI-EMT treatment in the same area.

body contouring with ultrasound cavitation and radiofrequency skin tightening

Ultrasound cavitation with radiofrequency

As a result of this treatment you can experience a tightening of skin, a reduction of fat and cellulite and an overall healthier look and feel of the area. 

You want to wait at least 3 days between cryolipolysis and ultrasound with radiofrequency treatment in the same area. If you want to freeze fat on one area and get ultrasound treatment on another area then that can be booked in the same appointment. 

How to book multiple treatments

When combining fat freeze treatments with ultrasound cavitation or HI-EMT you simply book individual appointments of each on the days and times that are best for you.


For multiple treatments in the same appointment, such as cryolipolysis with radiofrequency, it is easiest to send us an email or give us a call to book in. Our online booking system does not easily allow for booking in multiple treatments at this time. 

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