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Fat freezing stomach

Fat freezing stomach

Fat freezing belly fat for a flatter stomach

With our premium fat freezing stomach treatment we can help you to achieve a flatter and more sculpted stomach and waist. 


Most people carry a large amount of their fat around their stomach,  which is why the stomach is the most popular treatment area for both men and women. When gaining and losing weight, its often noticed first around the stomach and waist area, and its often a difficult area to sculpt once weight has been gained. 

As we age and as we gain and lose weight, the fat around the stomach can become stubborn. With fat freezing this stubborn fat can be broken down and reduced.

How effective is fat freezing on the stomach

Fat freezing is highly effective in reducing fat cells and therefore stubborn fat pockets, including on the stomach. However, it is important to understand that fat freezing can only reduce existing fat on the stomach.


Stomach fat freezing and weight gain

Fat freezing can not prevent new fat being stored. As the stomach is the area where fat is often first gained, it is pivotal that you either maintain or lose weight in the period following your treatment, as results otherwise will be either less visible, or simply not at all.


When you overconsume calories, you can gain weight and store new fat fast. New fat stored can easily cancel out fat reduced through treatment. 

Who stomach fat freezing works for​

As fat freezing cannot prevent new weight or fat gain, and can only reduce existing fat, treatments are best for:

1. Men and women who are at a weight close to their target weight and who are there consistently ( no significant swings in weight/ stable).


For these people fat freezing is generally used to permanently reduce and flatten the pouch of fat around or below the belly button. Some also have a pocket of fat above the belly button which can also be treated and flattened. Applicators can be placed across the middle line of the body as well as side to side. The exact placement depends on the client's shape and is adjusted to help meet their goals.

Where the stomach is being treated some may also treat the flanks where there is often stubborn fat, or the sides of the waist to cause a slimmer and more hourglass appearance. 

2. Men and women that are overweight and have fluctuated in weight, but are now on a weight loss journey

We highly recommend that our clients that fit into this category have started their weight loss and wellbeing journey before starting fat freezing. It can be hard starting a weight loss journey, and most of us don't get it right straight away. It takes time to find what works (best) for us, and often in initial stages of starting a weight loss journey we miscalculate and underestimate how much calories we consume. 

Fat freezing works the exact same on a person that is overweight in comparison to a person that is at their target weight. However, a person that is overweight has more fat and the treatment area is larger. This means that more applicators are required and very likely multiple sessions are needed to see a significant change.


The applicators are approximately the size of a large male hand. The amount of fat you can grab with 1 hand is what fits into 1 applicator. For someone with a small waist that means that 1 applicator is going to cover their entire stomach. For someone that is overweight more applicators are needed to cover the same area on their body. In general 4 to 8 applicators are used to treat a large stomach. The exact amount of applicators used depends on the exact size of the client and the amount of fat that they wish to treat. 

Clients that are close to their best weight, especially those that are active, will likely be happy with the results of a singular treatment. Clients that are overweight will likely require multiple treatments, approximately 6 weeks apart to reach their goals. Again, stomach slimming goals will not be achieved when weight is not maintained or lost. 

Fat freezing is never an alternative to a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Fat freezing on the stomach postpartum

Fat freezing on the stomach after childbirth 

After childbirth the stomach simply isn't the same, and many women can find themselves struggling to lose excess fat and tighten up the stomach to a point where they are happy.

Fat freezing can be an effective tool in reducing excess fat around the stomach area for mothers, however only when:

You have fully healed, and there is no muscle separation (diastasis recti).  For natural birth there must an absolute minimum time of 3 months following birth, and for c-section there must be a minimum time of 6 months following birth. However, where there have been complications it is best to wait 12 months to allow the body to fully heal. Mothers that breastfeed can only have treatment once they finish breastfeeding completely. Together with these pregnancy specific contra-indications, the standard fat freezing contra-indications also apply.

Fat freezing treatment can be carried out even where there is scarring from a c-section (or any other type of scarring) as long as the scar has fully healed. Where there is thick scar tissue under the skin, specifically from a c-section or other surgical procedure, fat freezing will not reduce that tissue. Such scar tissue can only be removed with surgery. 

Fat freezing on the stomach reduces stubborn fat, but it does not tighten skin. If there is near to no excess or stretched skin, fat freezing will unlikely cause loose skin. However, where there is loose skin following pregnancy, further fat loss could cause the skin to become even looser. 

We offer radiofrequency skin tightening treatment, which does help to improve the skin and which can be combined with fat freezing treatment. This is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment and therefore it does have its limitations. The treatment helps improve the overall health and youthfulness of the skin, tightening it and improving its overall strength, but it does not compare to skin tightening surgery. With skin tightening surgery it is possible to tighten the stomach area up to a point comparable to before pregnancy. However, significant risks, downtime and costs are involved. 

Other factors influencing stomach fat

You have both visceral fat and subcutaneous fat in the stomach. Visceral fat is found around the organs, and is considered the most dangerous fat as it can cause serious diseases such as diabetes, stroke and heart disease. Visceral fat can only be reduced through a healthy diet, and visceral fat levels should be taken extremely seriously. Even though it is considered "hidden fat", an excess of visceral fat can be an influencing factor on your waist line. Subcutaneous fat is the fat under the skin and is the fat we see and feel. This is the fat that we treat with fat freezing. Subcutaneous fat cells increase in size as a direct result of overconsumption and reduce in size when we are in a calorie deficit. Fat freezing breaks down and reduces fat cells in their entirety. 

Further to fat, the waist and stomach size can be influenced by bloating and other digestive health issues. Where issues are common, medical help should be sought and diet changes should be made. 

The stomach is a tricky area to treat and measure results on, as there are so many factors influencing the size of the area. Our stomach/ waist circumference can vary greatly from morning to night and from day to day. For women the menstrual cycle influences the stomach as well. 

When measuring results from stomach fat freezing or diet and exercise at home take measurements at the same time of the day, and ideally at the same stage of your cycle if this applies to you. 

belly fat reduction through fat freezing

How to book stomach fat freezing treatment

You can book stomach fat freezing online through the button below. 

If you have not had fat freezing previously it may be difficult to estimate how many stomach applicators you wish to book in for. If you need help with booking you can either give us a call or book in a free phone consultation. 

Flexibility around the number of applicators used 

We can always reduce the amount of applicators at your appointment. We may not always be able to increase the number of applicators in an appointment as we may not have enough time. We do aim to be as flexible as possible and for each booking we do reserve extra time to allow for changes in the treatment. 


We can use up to 4 applicators at the same time, and up to 8 applicators in the same appointment. These can all be used on the stomach or they can be used on a combination of areas on the body.

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