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Man boob reduction

Male chest reduction

Can you have a male chest or 'moob' reduction without surgery?

There are multiple surgical and non-surgical treatment options for men looking for a chest reduction.

Gynecomastia surgery and chest liposuction will have the most extreme results, but there are alternatives that will help reduce the size of the area more subtly without the risk, costs and downtime.

At our clinic we offer fat freezing for the male chest, a non-surgical chest reduction treatment for men. 


Fat freezing, otherwise known as cryolipolysis, is the most effective non-surgical fat reduction treatment. 

Benefits of fat freezing for male chest reduction

Sculpt and flatten the chest area with fat freezing treatment at Fat Freezing Manchester.

Effective for permanent fat loss

Fast and easy treatment

No time off required

Non-surgical man chest treatment do not require any downtime or anaesthesia. Appointments take approximately 60 to 90 minutes and you can continue day-to-day activity immediately after treatment.

It is important to note that all fat reduction treatments, including liposuction, fat freezing and ultrasound cavitation only reduce fat in the target area, if the enlargement of the area is caused by enlarged glandular tissue fat reduction treatments will not be effective. 

Fat freezing male chest moobs

How fat freezing helps to reduce fat on the chest

With our top-of-the-line Sculpt Pro cryolipolysis equipment we reduce the temperature of the localised fat cells in the male breast area for a short period of 45 minutes. 


The temporary freezing of the area triggers a process called 'apoptosis'.. Simply said, the fat cells in the area are triggered to self-destruct, and the body's natural processes clear the cellular debris from the old fat cells. Fat freezing doesn't just reduce fat, it reduces the amount of fat cells in the area. 

As fat cells (adipocytes) are more susceptible to cold than other cells, only they are affected by the temperature change and other tissue in the area remains undamaged. 

There is no downtime following this fat reduction treatment and you can continue with your normal day-to-day activity immediately following treatment, including going to the gym. 

Male chest reduction results

You can expect to see the majority of your fat reduction results within 6 weeks following treatment. However, some men will start noticing initial results much sooner. The full results of treatment are visible 3 months following your appointment.

You may wish to have 1, 2 or 3 treatments 6 weeks apart from each other. The exact amount of treatments will depend on your starting point and your desired outcome. Most men will have noticeable results from a single treatment.

With fat freezing the fat tissue is reduced. Glandular tissue will remain the same size. Glandular tissue can be removed with gynecomastia surgery only.

Male chest reduction (moob reduction)

Chest treatment discomfort and side effects

The treatment can be a little uncomfortable at first, as the fatty tissue in the chest area gets suctioned into the fat freezing applicator before the cooling process begins. This feeling of local discomfort doesn't last long and most men feel quite comfortable within minutes of starting this treatment. 

Most men will have marks on their chest following the treatment which will be most profound the day of the treatment. You also may experience some bruising, numbness and tingling in the area the days following treatment. Most marks and bruising subside quickly and further side effects are rare.

Suitability of treatment 

Chest fat freezing is available to all men that are in general good health over the age of 18. This treatment cannot be carried out on female breast tissue.

To ensure the treatment is suitable for you we will go through a thorough consultation on the day of your treatment. If you have any health conditions then do please check our suitability page for a full list of contra-indications before booking your chest reduction appointment. You can also book in a phone or in-person consultation at the clinic.

Moob reduction treatment
Male chest reduction
fat freezing moob reduction

Fat freezing for men

Fat freezing is for men as well as women. At Fat Freezing Manchester our client base is approximately 30% male. Our clinic is a safe, relaxing and welcoming environment to all.

Popular treatments for men include the chest as explained on this page, the stomach as shown on the video and the flanks. 

Other treatments specifically suitable for men

HI-EMT for muscle stimulation

We also offer HI-EMT muscle stimulation treatment for the stomach, arms, legs and calves. This treatment helps to increase muscle mass as well as reduce stubborn fat.

HI-EMT treatment is specifically beneficial to those who are very close to their target weight and who are looking to further define muscles and reduce smaller areas of fat.


Please do note that HI-EMT treatment is not available for the male chest area. 


Read more about HI-EMT muscle stimulation treatment here.

Ultrasound cavitation for men

We offer our specialist ultrasound cavitation with radiofrequency and vacuum therapy combination treatment for the tightening and sculpting of specific body areas, including the male chest.

This combination treatment is most effective as a course of 6 treatments, with treatments being 1 week apart from each other. An ultrasound cavitation treatment course on the male chest can be effective in reducing fat and tightening the area. However, as ultrasound cavitation treatment reduces the size of fat cells, but not the amount of fat cells, the results are less permanent. 

The ultrasound combination treatment is most effective and recommended for areas where the fat and skin is looser and where the goal is overall tightening and rejuvenation. Fat freezing is recommended where you want to achieve permanent fat loss.

Man chest reduction (moob)

How to book chest fat freezing

Its easy to get started with your male chest fat freezing treatment.

We have same-day, evening and weekend appointments available, and you do not require a separate consultation prior to your treatment. We will complete your full consultation on the day.

 For this male chest reduction please book "2 Applications Body | Fat Freezing".


If you also wish to target other areas such as the stomach or flanks you can book in more applicators.

Fat freezing pricing

Fat freezing prices are calculated by the number of applicators used in a single treatment.

1 applicator: £110
2 applicators: £175
3 applicators: £240
4 applicators: £295
6 applicators: £425
8 applicators: £510

Gynecomastia surgery or non-invasive male breast reduction?

Which type of chest reduction treatment is best for you will depend on a number of factors.

Surgical options including gynecomastia and liposuction are most suitable where there is a very significant fatty area and where glandular tissue needs to be removed.


When considering surgery you should thoroughly research the reputation of your surgeon as well as the quality of care and aftercare provided by the facility. You should also consider:

  • Downtime directly following treatment, full healing period and time off work required

  • Risks, including risk of infection, and likelihood of complications 

  • Waiting periods

  • Total of all costs

Fat freezing will be the most suitable treatment option for the more subtle reduction of localised chest fat deposits without the surgery price, downtime or risks. ​

If you have been thinking about gynecomastia surgery or liposuction but consider surgery too extreme an option then fat freezing might be the suitable alternative for you..

"Fantastic service, made such a difference. Will 100% be returning. Highly professional and knowledgeable made the whole experience pleasant"

Jacob, September 2022

"Cannot recommend more. Even though the process itself isn't comfortable, Sophie was delightful and put me at great ease. Very accommodating, polite and funny. Felt like I've known her for years"

Tim, October 2022

"Sophie is excellent and very professional. She gave a very detailed explanation of the process and what to expect. From booking to end treatment the service has been first rate."

David, February 2023

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