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Non-surgical liposuction

Non-surgical liposuction

Non-surgical liposuction | Fat freezing treatment

Have you considered liposuction, but are concerned about the costs, the downtime and the risks associated with invasive surgery?


Fat freezing is the most effective and most popular non-surgical liposuction alternative for targeted fat loss treatment. 

Non-surgical liposuction equipment

Choose fat freezing at FFM for:

Permanent fat reduction in targeted areas

A comfortable treatment experience

Highest grade equipment & safety protocols

Competitive and transparent pricing

Is fat freezing an effective alternative to liposuction?

Fat freezing is the most established non-surgical and non-invasive liposuction alternative. Fat freezing is highly effective, low risk, requires no downtime and causes minimal side effects. 

How fat freezing reduces fat permanently

Fat freezing is a targeted treatment that uses low temperatures to trigger cell death in fat cells without damaging any of the surrounding tissue. This can be achieved as fat cells are more susceptible to cold and will naturally begin a process named 'apoptosis' when they are cooled down for a short period of time. During apoptosis, a series of molecular events occur within the fat cell, leading to its controlled self-destruction. Cellular debris is then slowly cleared from the body by macrophages and other immune cells though the lymphatic system. 

Once the fat cell is destroyed it is gone for good, meaning fat freezing results can be enjoyed long term. However, with new weight gain new fat will be stored and results will be less noticeable. 

Sculpting the body with non-surgical fat freezing

With the specialist fat freezing treatment you can target and sculpt areas of the body that you may have found impossible to change through exercise and diet alone, as targeted fat loss isn't possible through natural means. Where we have areas of "stubborn fat" fat freezing is your non-surgical sculpting solution.

We offer customised treatments that help you reach your fat loss goals on the chin, arms, stomach, back, hips, mons pubis, thighs and calves.

Results from non-surgical liposuction

With non-surgical fat freezing treatment the majority of fat reduction results show approximately six weeks following your treatment. Many clients will first start to notice small results within the first weeks, with the full results showing after approximately three months.


How non-invasive treatments remove fat from the body

As fat freezing is non-invasive the fat is reduced as a result of the body's natural processes breaking down the fat cells and clearing the cellular debris slowly from the body. Staying healthy and hydrated and either maintaining weight or losing weight will help you to achieve the best results, as no body contouring treatment, whether surgical or non-surgical, can help prevent future weight and fat gain. 

Following fat freezing treatment you likely will experience few to no side effects. Most commonly you may find the treatment area bruised for a few days and the skin may feel sensitive. You can return to normal activities immediately following non-surgical fat reduction treatment. 

How liposuction removes fat from the body

Liposuction in comparison does offer immediate fat loss results as the fat is removed from the body during the surgery. However, downtime is significant and swelling and bruising can persist for weeks. You will likely need to take time off work and avoid the gym for at least a month.


Although liposuction removes fat instantly, final results won't be visible until several weeks to months following surgery. It will take time for all the swelling to subside and the body to heal from the trauma of the invasive liposuction.

Body areas that can be treated with non-surgical liposuction

Areas that can be treated with non-surgical lipo alternative fat freezing include:

  • The chin

  • Under arms

  • Stomach

  • Back, hips and flanks

  • Mons pubis

  • Outer thighs, inner thighs, calves, lower knees and upper knees.

On men the chest can be treated and on women we can treat the fat deposits around the bra band area.

Non-surgical Fat freezing areas

Who is eligible for non-surgical fat freezing

Non-invasive liposuction is available to both men and women in good health over 18,

As fat freezing is non-invasive and non-surgical there aren't many conditions that will exclude you from treatment. However, if you do suffer from certain health conditions then the treatment may not be right for you. 

For a full list of contra-indications to fat freezing please click here. 

At the start of each appointment we will go through a thorough consultation to ensure that treatment is appropriate and safe for you. 

How many treatments will you need?

Those that opt for liposuction often only require a single surgery to achieve their fat loss goals. However, there are a number of reasons why some may need additional surgery following this level of treatment. 

Reasons for additional surgery following liposuction include:

  • Insufficient fat removal 

  • Uneven or irregular results

  • Complications

  • Desire for further enhancements

Amount of fat freezing treatments required

Fat freezing achieves more subtle results than liposuction as the fat isn't forcefully removed from the body. Results differ person to person and although some can be very happy with the results of a singular treatment, many opt for 2 to 3 appointments spaced 6 weeks apart to achieve their desired results.


This non-surgical liposuction alternative can be highly effective in both small areas and larger areas. However, more patience is required. 

Non-surgical and non-invasive liposuction

Non-surgical fat reduction pricing 

Liposuction costs can easily add up and many end up paying between 5 and 8 thousand pounds for their surgery. Fat freezing is the non-invasive alternative to liposuction and as such it can be offered at much lower rates. 

We don't pierce the skin, require anaesthetics or full surgery teams and operating theatres. We instead offer a safe and comfortable space in which we offer our effective and non-invasive treatments.

Liposuction costs are calculated by the area. Fat freezing costs are calculated by the applicator. 

Non-invasive fat reduction with fat freezing

Applicator pricing

Fat freezing pricing is set by the amount of applicators used.

Single applications:


  • 1 applicator (body): £110

  • 1 chin applicator: £90

Package deals:
(multiple applicators in 1 session):


  • 2 applicators: £175

  • 3 applicators: £240

  • 4 applicators: £295

  • 6 applicators: £425

  • 8 applicators: £510

Non-surgical lipo at Fat Freezing Manchester

At Fat Freezing Manchester we are specialists in non-invasive and non-surgical fat reduction treatments using the most advanced cryolipolysis technology on the market. 

We follow the toughest safety protocols and use the best equipment and materials from trusted UK providers. We are fully qualified and insured and work to only provide the best quality treatment to each of our clients.


You don't have to book in a separate consultation before booking your appointment, but the option is available to you if you wish to talk with us first. We excel in customer care, offer transparent pricing and we will always be honest in our advice to you, so you know exactly what is possible and what can be expected from your treatments.

Book your first non-surgical liposuction appointment

Excess fat in the wrong areas can lead to many insecurities, but for many liposuction will be too risky, invasive, time-consuming and/or expensive.


Fat freezing is the most popular and effective non-surgical liposuction alternative and can be booked easily through the book button below. We have evening, day and weekend slots available and same day appointments are often available too. With no waiting times, no downtime following treatment and most appointments taking less than 2 hours its easy to fit your fat freezing appointment into your schedule.


Non-surgical fat reduction reviews

"Sophie’s treatments are truly amazing! I’ve had both fat freezing and skin tightening done since January 2023 and I can honestly say they work so well, the results speak for themselves and I’m so happy. Sophie is so lovely and always makes you feel welcome. Highly recommended!! 😊"

Angie, April 2023

"Sophie is so lovely and very knowledgeable about her treatments. I’m pleased with my results after being insecure for many years about stubborn areas of fat that I just couldn’t get rid of. Would 100% recommend."

Jess, August 2023

"Sophie made me feel very comfortable, the treatment was great and not at all painful.
I’m happy with my results so far, just had my 2nd treatment today ! ☺️"

Joanne, August 2023

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