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How to get rid of love handles

How to get rid of love handles

How to lose love handles with fat reduction treatments for men and women

Love handles are excessive fat deposits around the waist and hip area and can occur on both men and women as a result of weight gain, aging and your genetics. Once love handles have developed they often become very stubborn and hard to get rid of, even when you are active and eat healthily. 

Engaging in regular exercise, maintaining a balanced diet, and adopting a healthy lifestyle can help reduce and prevent the appearance of love handles over time. However, for some the localised fat is so stubborn it seems impossible to lose. 

Treatments to reduce love handle fat permanently

Getting rid of love handles with non-invasive treatments

At Fat Freezing Manchester we offer fat reduction treatments that are non-surgical and non-invasive, that can help to significantly reduce the amount of fat stored in the love handles.

Fat freezing love handles

Fat freezing reduces the amount of fat cells within the area leading to long term fat reduction. Where weight is maintained and no significant weight is gained the fat loss from fat freezing is permanent. Fat freezing is highly effective on the love handles and with our premium applicators we can reduce the stored fat cells, and therefore the fat, in the treatment area significantly in just a single session.

Often those opting for fat freezing will only require 1 to 3 sessions to reach their goals and get the shape they desire. Sessions should be spread out at least 6 weeks as this allows the body to break down and drain the fat cells that have been destroyed by the treatment.  It takes approximately 6 weeks for the cellular debris of the fat cells to be broken down and removed from the treatment area.


The cellular debris is removed from the treatment area through the lymphatic system, after which its transported to the liver. Here the substances are further metabolized and eventually eliminated from the body through natural processes, such as urine.

Ultrasound cavitation and RF 

An alternative treatment for the reduction of love handles that is available is the ultrasound cavitation with RF combination treatment. This treatment does not get rid of fat cells permanently in the same manner as fat freezing does, but can cause a fat reduction and a tightening of the area. 

For the ultrasound cavitation with RF (radiofrequency) treatment to be successful a course of 6 treatments is often recommended. 

Although not as effective as fat freezing, this treatment option does have some pros that should be considered. The combination treatment may be more suitable where there is a lot of lose and saggy fat, cellulite and lose skin as this treatment helps to tighten both skin and fat, reduces uneven surfaces, improves lymphatic drainage and general skin health. 

Often this treatment is chosen for the thighs and buttocks due to its cellulite improving abilities. However, some will experience these issues on the love handles and stomach too.

Lose love handles with fat reduction treatments

How to get rid of love handles men

Love handles are a very common body issue for men, and the love handle treatment is one of the most common treatments booked at Fat Freezing Manchester. 

Love handles can bother men as they can create a rounded shape on the torso where the beauty ideal is a straight line and muscular definition. The love handles can also cause clothes to fit less well.

On men the love handles are often more stubborn and difficult to get rid of. We even see men with high muscle definition on their abs, yet still have an issue with love handles. 

Each body is different, and the enlarged area can be towards the front of the body, the back of the body, to the side, or all the way across.. We can adjust the treatment and applicator placement to the exact area or areas that bother you most and reduce the fat in those areas. 

Should surgical intervention be considered

There are surgical interventions possible for the reduction of love handles, which include liposuction and tummy tucks, also known as 'abdominoplasty'. Surgery, including liposuction, are invasive and come with a range of risks that should be considered carefully. Furthermore, surgery carries a much higher price tag, requires significant recovery time and often long wait times. However, liposuction can allow for much more extreme fat loss results for people who are significantly overweight. 

Surgery can be the answer to the question 'how to get rid of love handles' in extreme cases. Surgery should only ever be considered where there is a high amount of fat to reduce, you're healthy and have no underlying conditions and are willing to make positive changes to your lifestyle. 

With non-surgical treatments similar results can be achieved over a number of treatments.

how to get rid of love handles men

The effects of exercise and diet on love handles

A healthy diet and regular exercise are paramount of maintaining your shape and preventing the development or worsening of the love handles. Even when you opt for surgical intervention you must maintain weight to stop fat from returning, as no treatment is an alternative to a healthy lifestyle. No matter what treatment you have had, no matter how invasive, your body will continue to store new fat where you are in a calorie surplus.

There are no specific exercises that can help you to lose fat on specific areas of the body, sometimes referred to as 'spot reduction'. There are no love handle reduction exercises. You can only reduce your overall fat storage, which will then cause fat to reduce across the entire body. 


Exercise is incredibly important as it keeps you healthy, strong, flexible, mentally well, burns calories, improves metabolism and has many further benefits. However, where weight loss is the primary goal diet and nutrition should be the focus. If you don't eat well you don't benefit from exercise as well as you could, and you could easily eat many more calories than you can burn working out.  

Where fat cells have been reduced, whether through liposuction or fat freezing, it could happen that fat comes back less quickly in that area as there are less fat cells left. Yet, with more significant weight gain the stubborn love handle fat will return. 

Fat freezing the love handles, the basics

Those that are near their target weight and live a healthy lifestyle are the best candidates for fat freezing. However, if you are on a weight loss journey and you have started losing fat, and you want to boost your efforts and see results faster, then fat freezing may also be for you.

Love handle reduction treatments are available and effective for both men and women over the age of 18.

Who treatments are appropriate for

What to do to prepare for love handle treatment

On the day of your treatment you don't have to do anything different to what you usually do, in the same way as if you were to go to the hairdressers for a cut. 

You can wear any type of clothes you want, but loose fitting clothes do often make the experience more comfortable, as you will by laying down on a treatment bed for approximately 1 hour.

You do not have to eat differently on the day of treatment. After treatment you can immediately return to your day-to-day activities including driving, going to the gym or going for a meal. 

You will likely have visible red marks on you following treatment and you may even experience some localised bruising, but these shouldn't stop you in any way from doing anything you would like to do.

What will happen at the treatment

The treatment is surprisingly straight-forward, and a love handle appointment will take only approximately 90 minutes. 

When you enter the clinic we will first go through every detail of the treatment with you, and ensure that the treatment is right for you. We will then look in the mirror and mark up the exact area that bothers you most. After that is done you can immediately get comfortable on the bed, and keep all your clothes on. We will simply roll down the pants and roll up the the shirt and protect these with towels. 

The treatment begins with placing an anti-freeze membrane, which is a cold and thin sheet that protects your skin through treatment. The applicator is placed over the sheet and attaches to the fat by using suction. The love handle fat is then reduced in temperature up to the point where the fat cells begin to break down. The total time the applicator is on is 45 minutes. 

After the applicator is removed the area is massaged with a bit of arnica gel to help with any bruising. 

How to book for love handle reduction treatment

If you are opting for fat freezing treatment, the most popular option due to its permanent effects, you will need to book in "2 fat freezing applicators". You will need 2 applicators as we will use 1 applicator on each side. 

If in addition to the love handles you also wish to treat the stomach area then you can either book 3 or 4 applicators. You can have 1 to 2 applicators on the central section of the stomach, depending on the size of the stomach and the amount of fat present. You do not need to know the exact amount of applicators, you can guess. If you book in 3 but want 4, or vice versa, that can be arranged on the day without issue.

If you wish to have ultrasound cavitation with RF treatment instead you can either book a singular treatment or a full course of treatments online. Unlike fat freezing, this treatment will require a course of treatments to offer the best results. You can book a singular session and book for a course on the day of treatment, with the initial session being part of the course.

If you are unsure what treatment is right for you, or how to get rid of your love handles, you can also book a consultation through the book function. Consultations are fully optional, you do not need a consultation prior to booking treatment.

How to lose love handles - men and women
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