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LAUNCH: Body Contouring Training Centre

December 4th,  2023

We are excited to announce we have now launched our body contouring training centre, where beauty and massage specialists are provided training on fat freezing, ultrasound cavitation, radiofrequency and HI-EMT body sculpting. 

Those interested in our courses can choose between online only and in-person training courses. In-person training is a minimum requirement  from UK insurance providers, so all clinicians offering body sculpting must compete this type of training. 

Our training will take place in our body clinic, where trainees get the opportunity to practice treatments on a model that they can either choose to bring themselves, or can be provided by the clinic. 

Clients and others in the area can register as interested in model treatments. Where models are required the list of interested person's is then contacted and offered the modelling slot. The client gets a free treatment by the trainee under supervision of the trainer. However, the appointment can only take place at the time the training session is booked for by the trainee and models do not have the flexibility to change the time or date.

Learn more about:

The body sculpting training centre

Fat freezing training

Ultrasound and radiofrequency training

HI-EMT training

Model appointments

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