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Male Chest Reduction | Case Study

Is fat freezing effective for reducing the size of the male chest (‘moobs’)?

Case study was carried out by Fat Freezing Manchester between January 2023 and April 2023 and results are published April 13th, 2023. 

All treatments and data collection has been carried out at the Fat Freezing Manchester clinic in Cheadle Village, SK8.

Overview: RESULTS

Before and after case-study fat freezing treatment on the male chest

Participants of male chest reduction case study

3 men participated in the male chest reduction case study; Dan aged 44, Stuart aged 37 and Stephen aged 27.


These 3 men based around the Manchester area are of varying ages and live varying lifestyles. They were selected through blind recruitment, have never previously had fat freezing and were in no way associated with the clinic or individuals connected to the clinic. 

The case study


Each of the men had two sessions of fat freezing on their chest only, six weeks apart. The results shared in the case study were measured on 3 occasions; before the first session, before the second session, and six weeks following the second session. 

Full details of the results can be requested and will be provided in PDF format. Please email and the case study will be send to you. 



What the participants said


“I can clearly see and feel the results. I noticed most results between my second appointment and final check-in, and I would definitely recommend the treatment to men who haven’t been able to get their chest flatter through exercise and healthy living alone.”

Dan, 44


“I can feel the difference following the treatment, but as I haven't made any lifestyle changes, and as I have a larger belly I won't really notice results with clothes or in how I look. I would recommend this treatment for people who live a more active lifestyle.”

Stuart, 37


“I definitely noticed a reduction after the first treatment, but for me the main results appeared following the second treatment. My clothes fit me better and my chest feels lighter as if there is much less volume. My friend even commented that I looked like I lost weight due to my chest appearing flatter in a tight shirt.”

Stephen, 27


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