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New treatment announcement

New treatment: Ultrasound cavitation, radiofrequency and vacuum therapy


We now offer our newest combination treatment at Fat Freezing Manchester using ultrasound cavitation, radiofrequency and vacuum therapy. 

This treatment helps to reduce cellulite, tighten skin and reduce fatty deposits. This treatment can be booked as a stand-alone treatment, or in addition to fat freezing. If you wish to have both fat freezing and this ultrasound cavitation combination treatment you must book in 2 appointments with a minimum period of one week between appointments. 

The treatment

Treatment outcomes

This treatment can be used to achieve a number of goals, whether it is skin tightening following weight loss, fat loss or cellulite reduction. 

Further details of each goal can be found here:

* Treatment for skin tightening

* Cellulite treatment

This treatment can help with fat loss. However, it is not recommended for stubborn areas of fat. This treatment does not help to reduce stubborn fat in the same way as fat freezing will, as this treatment does not help to get rid of fat cells. 

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