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Pressotherapy lymphatic drainage treatment


Full body lymphatic drainage 

Pressotherapy is a full body lymphatic drainage treatment using the advanced dynamic air compression suit.

This lymphatic drainage treatment is pain-free and relaxing and can be booked in addition to body contouring or as an individual service. You can have up to 2 treatments a week, with at least 1 treatment a month recommended.

UK Qualified and Insured

First-Class HI-EMT Technology

Full Transparency on Price

This is a local business, where clients come first. we are not part of a chain, demonstrated by our fees and tailored customer care.

What is pressotherapy?

Lymphatic drainage treatments


Pressotherapy, also known as lymphatic drainage massage or compression therapy, is a non-invasive therapeutic technique that improves the lymphatic circulation and reduces fluid retention in the body and improves blood circulation and oxygen flow.

During a session, you wear a special suit made up of a series of air chambers that are connected to a machine. The machine inflates and deflates these chambers in a specific sequence, creating a wave-like pattern of pressure that moves from the extremities towards the core of the body. This rhythmic pressure mimics the natural movement of the lymphatic fluid and improves its circulation, aiding in the removal of toxins, excess fluid, and waste products from the body's tissues.

Why do we want to stimulate the lymphatic system


The lymphatic system is responsible for draining excess fluids, toxins, and waste products from body tissue and returning this excess and waste back to the bloodstream so it can be eliminated from the body.

External pressure and massage applied during the treatment stimulates and improves the efficacy of the lymphatic system, improves a person’s health, and stimulates and increases results from body sculpting treatments that rely on lymphatic drainage, including cavitation, fat freezing and HI-EMT.

Pressotherapy lymphatic drainage treatment space
Pressotherapy machine

Treatment benefits

Pressotherapy can help to make you feel healthier and lighter. As a result of treatment skin may appear more luminous and results from body treatments become noticeable faster and are more profound.


The treatment aids with the reduction of leg fatigue and bloating and helps to bring back flexibility in the body’s tissues. The treatment detoxifies, slims down and reduces and improves the appearance of cellulite and tired skin.

These benefits occur as the treatment stimulates the removal of excess fluids, fat and toxins and improves oxygen flow throughout the body.

You can experience noticeable results from your first session, but for best results a course is recommended. The treatment is relaxing, pain-free and requires no downtime following the appointment.

Benefits of pressotherapy after body sculpting treatments

Pressotherapy lymphatic drainage treatment improves the results of fat freezing, ultrasound cavitation, radiofrequency and HI-EMT treatments as it helps to improve the lymphatic drainage of cellular debris and released fats and toxins.

Lymphatic drainage treatment is favourable after body contouring treatments as it supports the disposal of fluids, released fat and toxins from the treated body areas, and allows for deep relaxation after a more intense body treatment.


Enhances extra-cellular fluid clearance and lymphatic drainage

Reduces bloating, swelling, and oedema

Alleviates leg fatigue

Improves oxygen flow throughout the body

Lymphatic drainage treatment aids:

Weight loss

Swelling reduction

Cellulite reduction


pressotherapy lymphatic drainage relaxation

Our lymphatic drainage equipment

At Fat Freezing Manchester we offer pressotherapy treatment with the Zemits Sisley 2.0 Body Contouring System. The professional lymphatic drainage suit has 28 chambers in an advanced full body compression system with which the treatment is carried out safely and effectively.

With adjustable intensity settings and body fitting this treatment can be tailored to each individual’s body, goals and comfort levels.

What you can do to improve the results

For best results we ask that you drink plenty of water both before and after the treatment and ensure you remain fully hydrated. Further improvements to results can be noticed when you commit to a healthy lifestyle with plenty of activity and healthy foods. Alcohol, smoking and unhealthy or fast food can negatively affect your lymphatic system stimulation treatment outcomes.


Our Manchester pressotherapy prices are as follows:

  • Standard 45 minute treatment: £70

  • 30 minute add-on treatment: £45

We recommend that you book in for a block of treatments after you have been for your first session at the clinic.

Block pricing:

  • 5x standard 45 minute treatment: £325

  • 10x standard 45 minute treatment: £600

You can add pressotherapy to body sculpting treatments including:

Special multi-treatment packages:

  • Ultrasound and RF Body Sculpting with HI-EMT and Pressotherapy: £170

  • Ultrasound and RF Body Sculpting with HI-EMT and Pressotherapy: | 6-pack: £825

For an overview of all prices at Fat Freezing Manchester please visit the pricing page here.

You can book a standard appointment and convert that appointment to a course at your appointment, or you can book your course by email or phone.

Who should not have Pressotherapy

​There are certain health conditions that may cause pressotherapy to not be right for you. If you suffer from any of the below health conditions please reach out to the clinic to discuss whether treatment is appropriate for you before booking in for your appointment. 

In situations where there might be any uncertainty regarding the suitability of the treatment, we kindly request that you consult your general practitioner (GP) for their professional opinion before proceeding with the treatment. Your safety and health are our primary concerns, and we want to ensure that you receive the best care possible.​


  • Thrombophlebitis, acute thrombosis or post-thrombophlebitis syndrome

  • Cancer or presence of a malignant or benign tumour

  • Blood clotting disorder or increased blood viscosity

  • Obliterating atherosclerosis of the vessels of the lower extremities

  • Diseases of the vascular-cardiac system (after a heart attack, arrhythmia, hypertension of the third stage, heart failure with oedema)

  • Unhealed fractures, dislocations, or skin lesions

  • Pacemaker or metal prostheses

  • Skin diseases

  • Tuberculosis

  • Renal failure (renal oedema) or liver failure (hepatic oedema)

  • Acute pain or unexplained pain

  • Infectious diseases and/or current fever

  • Microangiopathy and macroangiopathy in diabetes mellitus

  • Mental disorders, epilepsy

  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding

  • IUD

  • Intestinal obstruction or acute bowel disease

We prioritise your health and well-being above all else. We will ask you to confirm that you are not suffering from any of the above medical conditions prior to your treatment.

Why choose our body sculpting clinic

Discover the transformative benefits of our pressotherapy lymphatic drainage massage sessions and experience a new level of wellness.


At Fat Freezing Manchester, we take pride in offering a premium experience that combines advanced technology with personalized care. We offer a range of body sculpting and body care treatments that can be tailored and combined to help you reach your body goals. 

We provide a range of options to suit your schedule, including individual sessions and a range of courses. With flexible availability throughout the day, evening, and weekends, scheduling your appointment is effortless. Booking can be done conveniently online, via phone, or through email.

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