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Can fat cells be destroyed

Can Fat Cells be Destroyed?

how to get rid of fat cells permanently

Would you like to know if fat cells can be destroyed? If you are wondering this then you are probably on a weight and fat loss journey, struggling to lose weight in specific areas where the fat just won't seem to go.

When you lose weight through diet and exercise fat(triglycerides) is released from fat cells and fat cells shrink in size. The number on the scales goes down and the body becomes smaller, but the fat cells remain in place. This leads to "stubborn fat". Areas where fat just won't ever seem to go, shaping the body in ways that you may not like.

It is not possible to destroy fat cells through natural means such as exercise or diet. 

Where fat cells come from 

The majority of fat cell development occurs during childhood and adolescence through a process known as adipocyte hyperplasia, where precursor cells differentiate into mature fat cells. Once this initial period of fat cell development is complete, the number of fat cells tends to remain relatively constant in adulthood. 

The existing fat cells can expand and shrink but will not naturally reduce in number. However, weight gain may increase the amount of fat cells in the body. Meaning that people that have lost significant weight may be stuck with more stubborn areas of fat.

Targeted fat loss and fat cell reduction


You can build specific muscles to sculpt the body, but you can't lose fat in a targeted manner. It would be great if we could focus on losing just fat on the stomach or the arms or legs, but unfortunately that isn't possible with diet and exercise alone. 

The only way to lose targeted fat in the body is through surgical and non-surgical body contouring treatments including liposuction and fat freezing.


Liposuction has been around for some time, is quite expensive, invasive and can cause significant downtime and comes with numerous risks.


There are 2 types of non-invasive fat reduction treatments. There are those treatments that reduce the size of the body and even the amount of fat stored without destroying fat cells, and there are non-invasive fat treatments that do permanently destroy fat cells.


Treatments that can reduce fat, but that don't destroy the fat cell include: ultrasound cavitation, radiofrequency, creams and body wraps 

Non-invasive treatments that reduce the number of fat cells are fat freezing and certain fat loss injections.

Destroying fat cells

Fat freezing is the most effective and safe fat cell destruction treatment that does not require surgery. 


Fat freezing to destroy fat cells


Fat freezing destroys fat cells permanently. Fat cells are relatively basic cells that are susceptible to cold and can be destroyed by bringing the temperature of the cell to below 4 degrees Celsius for a period of time.


By reducing the temperature to the target area fat freezing triggers the programmed cell death process called apoptosis. As the cell dies and begins to break down the cellular debris is slowly cleared through the lymphatic system. As this clearing of dead cells is done through natural processes results take time to show and some patience is required.


It can take up to 6 weeks to see the majority of fat freezing results, and full fat reduction results will show after approximately 3 months. Follow up treatments in the same area can be done after 6 weeks of the first treatment to improve fat loss results. In some cases multiple appointments are required as per treatment approximately 20 to 40% of fat cells are destroyed.

Fat freezing treatment for the reduction of fat cells

During your treatment a fat freezing applicator is placed on the target area. The applicator sucks in the loose fat and cools down the area to the temperature required to trigger apoptosis. With the equipment used at FFM the applicators remain fitted for 45 minutes, after which the treatment is completed.

There can be some discomfort during treatment but for most the appointment is relatively comfortable. As this treatment is non-invasive you can continue with your day-to-day activity immediately following treatment, including going to the gym. 

Areas that can be treated

With fat freezing you can treat your chin, arms, stomach, back, flanks, thighs and calves. Fat freezing is available for men and women over 18 that are in general good health. If you have health conditions that you worry may exclude you from treatment please do read through the contra-indications for fat freezing or book in a consultation before booking in your treatment.

Fat freezing for fat cell destruction

How to book fat freezing

Fat freezing is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment that destroys fat cells permanently. At Fat Freezing Manchester we only use the best equipment and treatment materials. We are specialists at providing fat freezing treatment as well as training others through our fat freezing training courses.. We are here to provide you the best experience and fat reduction outcomes.


Reduce fat cells in target areas by starting your fat freezing journey today. Pricing starts at £110, and multi-applicator packages are available.

Booking in for your fat freezing treatment is simple. You can use the button below and book your appointment online. You can also call or email to make an appointment or book in your consultation. You can book treatment immediately without a separate consultation appointment.

"I've had six areas treated and after a week and a half I can already see a big improvement, especially under my arms. It can be uncomfortable when the pads are first applied but Sophie made adjustments so I was comfortable. She is so friendly and knowledgeable and put me at ease. Would really recommend her service."

Carry, October 2023

"Sophie was really lovely and made you feel completely at ease. She was also super knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. Look forward to seeing my results, Thankyou!"

Louise,, March 2023

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