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How much fat freezing costs

How much does fat freezing cost

Fat freezing costs 

The cost of fat freezing can differ clinic to clinic and area to area. Factors that influence the cost may include the quality of equipment used, the level of experience of the clinician, the location and the additional benefits of choosing a certain clinic.  However, costs are not the only indicator of quality and service offered and it is important to research the provider, read the reviews of previous clients and ensure the equipment used is of the best quality.

How fat freezing costs are listed

Fat freezing fees vary based on the amount of applicators that are used in a single session. The price per applicator reduces when multiple applicators are booked.

How much does fat freezing cost at Fat Freezing Manchester?

At Fat Freezing Manchester the treatment fees are as follows:

1 applicator: £110​

2 applicators: £175   | £87.50 per applicator

3 applicators: £240   | £80 per applicator

4 applicators: 295   | £73.75 per applicator

6 applicators: £425   | £70.83 per applicator

8 applicators: £510   | £63.75 per applicator

For a specialist chin treatment the cost is £90.

The full list of fat freezing and other fat reduction treatments prices also includes pricing for ultrasound cavitation with RF, HI-EMT and treatment courses.

We wanted to keep fat freezing affordable and our prices highly competitive while offering the highest quality treatment. To ensure our treatments are fairly priced for everyone, and to ensure everyone always gets the best price, we have set our prices low, but do not offer special or seasonal discounts at any time.

Across clinics prices are generally calculated in the same manner: by the applicator. In some cases applicators are described as "areas", but they have the same meaning. Be mindful that applicators and areas often mean the same thing, as the word 'areas' can be confusing. The upper arms could be described as 1 area. However when priced the clinic will say each arm is 1 area as each arm needs 1 applicator.

Why fat freezing fees can vary clinic to clinic

How equipment influences the cost of fat freezing


The cost and quality of the equipment used in the clinic is often a big influencing factor on the final treatment cost. Fat freezing machines range significantly in quality of treatment and the possible results that can be achieved, comfort of treatment, customisability of treatments, and size of treatment areas. Reputable manufacturers offer yearly maintenance on equipment and reputable clinics will ensure such maintenance is carried out to ensure a safe and effective treatment. One final difference between different machines is the number of applicators that can be placed at the same time, which ranges between 1, 2 and 4.

Different machines have different type of applicators. The latest machines that can offer the most efficient treatments have fully rounded applicators, with rounded cooling plates covering the complete area within the applicator. Together with rounded cooling plates the rounded external ridges improve the comfort of the treatment and allow for more of the loose fat to be suctioned into the cooling area so the maximum amount of fat can be reduced in a single session. Square applicators with flat freezing plates are often less effective and less comfortable. 

How much does fat freezing cost with different types of machines

Market leader CoolSculpting equipment is amongst the most expensive, and treatment cost generally reflect this. On the opposite side of the spectrum are the low-cost and non-branded 2 applicator machines that are often able to be ordered on marketplace websites and are predominantly shipped from China. These machines often cannot get regular maintenance as such services do not exist. On low-cost equipment the applicators are often square and flat freezing plates cool the area, which does impact the quality of the treatment and the final outcome. Due to the low cost of the equipment the treatment costs can be lower than those offered with us. 

At Fat Freezing Manchester we use the Quattro Pro by Sculpt Pro Aesthetics, a top of the range fat freezing machine with 4 applicators sporting 360 rounded freezing plates and rounded ridges and specialist sized applicators to treat any area of the body in the most efficient manner possible. We ensure all equipment at the clinic undergoes regular maintenance by the manufacturer and we only use manufacturer provided and approved consumables for fat freezing treatments. 

How speciality and expertise can influence the cost of fat freezing


There are different types of clinics offering a different range of services, which can affect the price of individual treatments. In clinics where a large range of services is offered and where clinicians are trained on a high number of different type of treatments the clinic may be able to offer lower cost treatments. 


At Fat Freezing Manchester we, as the name suggests, specialise in fat freezing, and only offer a small range of other complimentary services. We have specialised in fat freezing and body sculpting and know everything there is to know about these treatments. We focus on quality over quantity and work with our clients to help them reach their goals. We book in extra time for each appointment so we can take our time during consultation and treatment, and we can alter treatments on the day where this is best for our clients. We remain specialist on purpose as this allows us to provide the highest quality of service. However, as a specialist we do price our services in line with the quality of treatment we offer, and we do not offer rock-bottom prices. 

How much fat freezing costs by location and type of clinic


A clinic located in an expensive area or in a prominent location will have larger rent and business rates. A larger practice will have an increased cost in electricity and other utilities, and will require a larger staff to run the clinic. Staff does not just include clinicians, staff also includes receptionists, cleaners, assistants and administrators. ​

The higher the costs to run the clinic, the higher the cost of treatment. Smaller clinics in rented rooms, smaller premises or in lower quality neighbourhoods will pay a fraction of what larger clinics pay, and are therefore able to offer lower fees. 

How much does fat freezing cost - the cost of fat freezing

Is fat freezing cheaper than other fat reduction treatments?

The most expensive fat reduction treatment is surgical treatment, including liposuction and the tummy tuck. Treatment prices go into the many thousands and come with a myriad of risks. Surgical fat reduction treatments can be booked overseas where prices could be lower. However, be mindful of the quality of care and the dangers associated with plastic surgery in another country. Many cases of serious infection, poor quality of care, serious injury and poor quality of results are known, and cases of death are reported.

How much does fat freezing cost in comparison to surgical treatment

Fat freezing costs are significantly lower than the costs for surgical fat loss treatment such as liposuction. However, as fat freezing is less invasive, results are more subtle. To get the comparable level of results with fat freezing, you must commit to a number of sessions with 6-week intervals. As an example: even where you opt for the maximum of 8 applicators per treatment, and 4 rounds of treatment (this is highly excessive), you would still only pay approximately one quarter of what surgery would cost you. In this example you have used 8 applicators, which means you can treat numerous areas of the body, while with liposuction you often only treat 1.

In the range of non-surgical fat loss treatments fat freezing is the most effective and safe treatment that breaks down fat cells and permanently reduces fat.


Ultrasound cavitation is a fat loss treatment that does not reduce fat cells but can reduce fat, and in combination with radiofrequency good fat loss results can be achieved. However, for ultrasound cavitation, radiofrequency or a combination treatment to be effective, you must commit to a course of at least 6 treatments. Although prices per treatment are much lower, as you would commit to a course of treatments to reach the same results fat freezing is comparably more affordable. 

Some fat loss dissolving injectable treatments have come to market over the recent years. However these are difficult to compare to fat freezing. Often the cost per area with fat dissolving injections is the same as, or higher than fat freezing. However, some aestheticians may offer these treatments for incredibly low prices too. There is a significant pricing difference between some clinicians, even where the exact same fat dissolving treatment is offered. Most commonly  Aqualyx, Kybella and Lemon Bottle are offered with the promise of fat dissolving. At Fat Freezing Manchester we have made the decision to not offer any fat dissolving injection treatments as they are not as effective as fat freezing. In addition, there is a significant lack of clinical research and there are many uncertainties around the risks, overall safety and even whether certain treatments truly reduce localised fat in the way it is claimed.

Book in for fat freezing

Interested in fat freezing at Fat Freezing Manchester? You can book online, by phone and email. Consultations are optional.

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