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fat freezing vs fat dissolving injections

Fat dissolving or fat freezing?

Fat Dissolving Injections VS Fat Freezing

What fat reduction treatment is best for you?

Fat freezing or fat dissolving injections, what fat reduction treatment is best for you?

There are more and more options out there to reduce stubborn fat on the body. There are wraps and creams, fat freezing, ultrasound cavitation, radiofrequency and fat loss injections too. 

At Fat Freezing Manchester we focus on the non-invasive treatments for body contouring and fat reduction, including fat freezing, ultrasound cavitation, radiofrequency, HI-EMT. 

Fat loss injections and fat freezing treatment details

Fat dissolving injections

In general, fat loss injections or fat dissolving injections are very safe for the reduction of fat. With fat loss injections a clinician injects a type of naturally occurring acid into the body in the areas where you want your fat to be treated. With the fat loss injection you will likely need between 3 to 8 treatments to see results clearly and according to clinicians results lasts up to 4 years. 

The number of injections depend on which area or areas you get treated. They may inject in a grid pattern across the full treatment area or with a specific focus on smaller areas. 

There are different approved substances that can be used for fat loss if injections are used. Its worth doing the research to see which you feel most comfortable with before getting started. Some substances cause significantly more swelling and even downtime for clients so you will want to be careful about planning your appointment and choosing what injections to get.


You also want to research the clinic where you have your injections given, as regulations around who can give these injections is currently still pretty lax. A practitioner doesn't need much of a medical background, and doesn't need any experience to give these injections unsupervised so its important you choose who you trust with the needle. 

We have chosen not to offer fat loss injections as the risks, side effects and downtime due to swelling can be more severe for some clients. Some people experience more significant swelling which can cause over a week of downtime. Some visible swelling may take even longer to fully subside.

Fat freezing

With fat freezing we don't add anything to the body. We only cool the target area to a temperature at which fat cells begin to break down and die, without causing damage to the surrounding cells. 

With fat freezing there is no downtime. You can get up from your treatment and continue your day to day activities immediately without restrictions. You may feel numb in the treated area, it may be a bit red or bruised, but that really is about as bad as things will get. Some leave the clinic without a mark, others may feel discomfort for a couple of days.

Fat freezing non-inasive fat reduction instead of injectables

With fat freezing many clients will only need 1 treatment per area, so unlike with fat loss injections you won't need to commit to a course of treatments. However, if you want more significant results then you can opt for multiple treatment rounds.

There are of course risks, like with all treatments, however with fat freezing these are also minimal. There is one condition, called Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia, which is extremely rare, that can occur following fat freezing. In the case of PAH the fat in the target area actually expands and increases in size. The only treatment for this would be liposuction.

Some of our clients have explained their concerns around PAH, which is very understandable as it sounds quite scary. Although we can never guarantee you won't experience PAH, the chance of this occurring is extremely rare. The equipment and protocols used at Fat Freezing Manchester are first-class and have been used around the world for years, with no cases of PAH thus far reported.

With fat freezing results will show within 6 weeks following on from your treatment, and for many people a single treatment will make a great difference. 

Having both fat dissolving injections and fat freezing

If you would like to find out which treatment, fat dissolving or fat freezing, is best for you by trying them both you must be careful to not have both treatments in the same area within the same six week period. Ideally you would leave at least 3 months in between different treatments, as results can take this long to continue generating results.


You can have treatments using both methods in the same period, as long as they are on different areas, and as long as you tell your clinician at both your treatments. As with all beauty treatments, we advice you to be careful and not overdo it.

Fat reduction treatment areas

Fat freezing and fat dissolving injection treatments can be carried out on the same areas of the body. These treatment areas include:





Bulges around the bra

Inner and outer thighs

Around the knees


Male chest

With fat dissolving injections a more precise area can be targeted, as with fat freezing applicator heads are used which are a certain size. We use a range of fat freezing applicator heads of different sizes so all body areas can be treated.

fat freezing or fat loss injections

Contra-indications of fat dissolving and fat freezing treatments

Fat reduction treatments including fat freezing and fat dissolving injections may not be safe and appropriate for you if you suffer from certain health conditions. 

In order to have fat reduction treatment you should be in relative good health, not suffer from any serious conditions and not be pregnant of breastfeeding. at the time of treatment 

To be eligible for fat freezing it is also important that you do not have any conditions that make you more susceptible and responsive to cold temperatures such as cryoglobulinemia, paroxysmal cold haemoglobinuria or cold urticaria. A full explanation of fat freezing contra-indications can be found here.

With fat dissolving injections there may be different contra-indications depending on the products that are used, as different injectables have different ingredients and work in different ways to reduce and dissolve fat. 

Fat loss injections or fat freezing, in summary 

As a fat freezing clinic, we are of course a little biased. We love fat freezing, as we can see the results every day, hear success stories from clients and provide great treatment experiences at the clinic. That said, we fully recognise that each person is unique and for some people fat loss injections might be more interesting.


We have heard both positive and negative feedback about fat loss injections from our clients, and know that with the right treatment provider using the right quality products fat loss injections can successfully reduce localised fat without significant side effects.

It can be hard to choose the best treatment for you, and we can't help you make that decision. However, what we can do is offer you a free phone consultation or an in-person consultation at our Manchester clinic to go through all the details of fat freezing and our other fat loss treatments. 

Book your fat freezing appointment at FFM 

Book in your next fat freezing appointment easily online now. We often offer same day, weekday and weekend appointments.

You can also book in a free phone consultation or an in-person consultation at the clinic. Separate consultations are optional as we can provide a full consultation the day of treatment.

Fat reduction pricing

Fat freezing prices are calculated by the number of applicators used during your treatment session. Pricing starts at £110 for 1 applicator, £295 for 4 applicators and £510 for 8 applicators. Up to 4 applicators can be used at the same time.

UK Qualified and Insured

First-Class Technology

Full Transparency on Price

Highly rated 

"Visited Sophie at the Fat Freezing clinic recently and would 100% recommend her fat freezing services.


Was quite nervous attending not knowing what to expect but Sophie really made me feel at ease! She has the most kind and caring aura and made the whole process very relaxing. She was super friendly, very professional and has a lot of knowledge of the industry and her services.


Sophie is very passionate about the services she offers and explained her own experience in the industry and with treatments. She remained completely honest and transparent throughout the introduction and session regarding the differences in results each person will see based on their existing health and lifestyle. She also went on to explain how she chose to invest in the best performing equipment and I can see that this is true as I have already seen large improvements in the area I had froze and I'm looking forward to seeing the final results of the process in the next 5 weeks.


If I feel I need another session with Sophie I will certainly not hesitate to re-book and I've already been considering returning for skin tightening treatment on my stomach due to excessive weight loss. Strongly recommend to anybody interested in the treatments available at this clinic, please be mindful that everybody's bodies are different and keep this in mind when you book as your results will be unique to your body's health/age etc."

Chantel, July 2023

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